Legal advice around blockchain, digital assets and Web3

Tokenization of shares of corporations and other digital assets with the LMVSI

  • Registration as an Entity Responsible for Registration and Record Keeping (ERIR).
  • Advice on alternative financing and tokenization of shares of public companies, debt and units of Collective Investment Institutions complying with the requirements of the Securities Market and Investment Services Law.
  • Advising on the tokenization of real estate, taking into account the limits of real rights, works of art and other digital assets, including contractual issues with the digital registry representing the property and the associated underlying asset.
  • Design of criminal compliance plans for companies that integrate cryptoassets into their business models, with the aim of preventing crimes related to these digital assets. FATF Recommendations, limits with MIFIDII.


Legal advice for cryptoassets, blockchain and smartcontracts

  • Legal advice for the creation and launch of Web3 products or services, wallet management, platforms and associated fees, as well as other types of stablecoins (tokens referenced to assets or electronic money) or utility tokens (utility tokens).
  • Privacy in Blockchain. Analysis of the impact of privacy in relation to Blockchain networks, with special attention to the relationships of responsible parties, international transfers and the exercise of rights.
  • Legal analysis of NFT projects, addressing aspects of the underlying asset and digital representation of ownership.

Legal advice for cryptoasset providers on compliance with the MICA regulation

  • Adequacy to the requirements demanded by the MICA regulation prior to its application to existing cryptoasset providers. Capital requirements and financial standards for asset protection and stability.
  • Application and assistance in the process of authorization and registration with the competent authorities. Legal advice to new companies seeking to operate as cryptoasset providers.
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