Corporate Social Responsibility

At Ceca Magán Lawyers we believe in Corporate Social Responsibility. We are highly aware that businesses and firms must give an example and be proactive in helping the most underprivileged.

Therefore, we try to do our bit by supporting social actions, foundations and NGOs whose purpose is educating and developing the talent of young people with learning difficulties to help with their inclusion and employment opportunities. We take part in actions which support help for directors who, due to their personal circumstances, may be pushed out of the labour market and are seeking to rejoin it. We also advise non-profit organisations via Pro Bono Foundation.

In the Covid-19 crise, we have been able to help to a new project which is going to be good for many people around the world: THE OPEN VENTILATOR. We have provided legal advice, in order to carry out all the procedures required, at the legal level, for the launch of the first open prototype respirator. It’s the first respirator approved by the LCOE under the AEMPS in April 2020. We offered and were providing legal guidance related for its production and subsequent use in hospitals.


Furthermore, we are a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, advocating the implementation of the universal principles of Human Rights, and the principles on employment, environment and anti-corruption.

Since April 2021, we have also collaborated by offering legal advice with the Down Syndrome Association of Seville, a non-profit organization dedicated to the integration of people with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities

We join the fight against breast cancer, collaborating with "our grain of sand" with the association Un Lazo En Movimiento, dedicated to support women suffering from the disease and collaborating in research projects.