Legal training for "in-company" departments

Labor law training for the HR, Labor Relations and Human Resources departments

We offer all kinds of workshops and training in specific labor law and social security matters. The constant changes in labor regulations force companies to adapt quickly in order to efficiently manage employees, retain talent and avoid fines, among other challenges. Our labor law expert lawyers can provide legal training on issues related to diversity and equality plans and compensation schemes, harassment prevention, labor reform, temporary hiring, collective bargaining, union elections, remote work, etc. 

We have also held lectures and webinars to raise awareness and provide training on the rights and obligations of workers and employers in different areas.



Tax and commercial legal training

Our tax and commercial lawyers can provide legal training in specific company areas such as national and international taxation, mergers and acquisitions or corporate law. The courses and workshops are focused on training financial departments, operations managers and in-house legal departments.                               

  • Tax issues are key in the governance of companies, especially in the event of a tax audit or if there is a change of business model or a major corporate move. Our tax lawyers share their practical knowledge and existing tools to help solve problems and enable the company to hold a more competitive position.  
  • In the case of corporate and commercial law, a poor contractual framework or the lack of specific covenants can lead to an economic loss, a conflict between partners or a missed opportunity. Legal training in this area is focused on internal agents acquiring and developing the necessary knowledge to take advantage of business opportunities, react quickly when conflicts arise, and avoid problems of various kinds.

In-company training for legal departments

  • We offer legal updating and training services to the legal counsel or in-house legal departments of companies. We always follow a very practical and interactive approach, based on the reality that our lawyers witness and experience on a daily basis, and adapting the training to each company's sector and needs.
Formación legal para empresas y departamentos in-company



Contact our lawyers for in-house legal training

Our expert lawyers provide legal training to companies with a program adapted to their sector and specific needs. The practical approach will help your departments to better adapt to current regulations, take advantage of existing opportunities and avoid conflicts or sanctions.

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