• Criminal proceedings in the event of fraud, misappropriation, etc.
  • Negotiation with insurance and reinsurance companies in the event of employee dishonesty and other losses
  • Assistance in labor proceedings throughout the national territory
  • Labor consultancy and individual and collective bargaining
  • Adaptation of the company’s policy on the remuneration of senior officers to the new Law 10/2014 of 26 June on the organization, supervision and solvency of credit institutions
  • Administrative and judicial defense against sanctions related to data processing and e-commerce imposed by the Spanish Data Protection Agency
  • Managing the company’s trademarks and providing administrative and judicial defense of the company’s Industrial Property
  • Help in handling claims to the Spanish Central Bank and to the Spanish Securities Commission
  • Creation and planning work groups with the in-house legal department on relevant issues, such as new technologies, etc.
  • Corporate planning and management for the sale of credit portfolios
  • Restructuring of labor costs

Banking sector

Abogados Sector Bancario y Financiero

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Our Banking and Finance team has all the knowledge and means available to provide top-level advice, regardless of the complexity of the matter. We have a full versatile team to advice you in matters ranging from the so-called floor clauses or multi-currency mortgage loans to the sale of credit portfolio or claims to the Spanish Central Bank and to the Spanish Securities Commission. Especially in finance, time is money. So let’s talk!

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Albert Toledo Oms labor lawyer at ceca magán barcelona
Albert Toledo Oms

Albert Toledo Oms

Labor Law and Social Security Area Director
Enric Servat Nadal Enric Servat corporate lawyer at CECA MAGÁN Abogados in Barcelona
Enric Servat Nadal

Enric Servat Nadal

Commercial and M&A Area Director
Raúl Villarín Vinent Raúl Villarín Vinent
Raúl Villarín Vinent

Raúl Villarín Vinent

Insolvency and Restructuring Area Director