Registration of Intellectual Property and intangible goods

Law firm with expert lawyers in Intellectual Property

  • Expert lawyers in copyright protection.
  • Advisory, drafting and negotiation of all types of contracts in order to plan, normalize and protect ownership rights.
  • Advice on the protection and registration of musical, literary, audiovisual and technological works (software, Apps or databases).
  • Defense and prosecution of digital fraud or online plagiarism.
  • Expert legal services in the entertainment sector, music industry, publishing, scientific and technological world, e-sports, crypto-assets and content creation and streaming platforms.

Lawyers specialized in Industrial Property

  • Registration and legal protection of industrial property rights (patents, utility models, trademarks, trade names).
  • Registration of trademarks, trade names, national or community designs before the corresponding body (SPTO, EUIPO, WIPO).
  • Support, preparation and review of agreements related to licenses, assignments or the use of industrial property rights.
  • Conflict arising from trademarks and domain names, designs or models, national or community.
  • Representation and defense in case of unlawful acts or plagiarism on industrial property rights by requesting civil actions for cessation of business, compensation and protective measures.

Protection of intangible assets

  • Creation of Protocol for the Classification of assets.
  • Integral legal and technological protection of assets, secrets and business innovations (intellectual and industrial / trade secrets).
  • Negotiation, agreements and contracting in the Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) and/or digital transformation value chain in the company or business.
  • Outsourced services for compliance and legal risk control in corporate innovation / digital transformation processes.

Expert lawyers in Copyright and music industry

  • Legal advice on intellectual property and copyright for authors, artists, record labels, music publishers, promoters and other agents involved in the creation of festivals and concerts. 
  • Registration and management of musical works and application for industrial property rights such as trademarks and artistic trade names.
  • Drafting and / or review of contractual documents with authors, artists and record labels.
  • Drafting and / or review of contractual documents for management, booking, organization of concerts, festivals or live music management or streaming. 
  • Proceedings with Management Entities and independent management operators (OGI).

AI - Artificial Intelligence, Intelectual Property and Blockchain

  • Legal advice on issues related to artificial intelligence. Protection of the entire process, from development, use, to commercialization of AI technologies.
  • Legal support to authors of works, especially software creators whose creations include AI uses.




Abogados expertos en propiedad intelectual e inteligencia artificial de CECA MAGÁN Abogados

Contact with lawyers specialized in Industrial and Intellectual Property

Working with lawyers specialized in Industrial and Intellectual Property can help you safeguard your works and creations. The protection and registration of intangible assets is a complex and changing legal field that requires reliable legal advice. You can confidently rely on our Firm and our extensive experience in Industrial and Intellectual Property.


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