Lawyers specialized in Labor Law

Legal management of labor relations:

  • Creation and adaptation of remuneration and compensation schemes in companies.
  • Current case law in accordance with the new labor regulations.
  • Labor lawyers specialized in temporary employment agencies.
  • Legal advice on holidays.
  • Legal guardianship.
  • Implementation of the working day register.


Equality and training plans:

Collective Dismissals, ERE (collective layoffs), ERTE (temporary furlough schemes) and restructuring schemes:

  • Labor lawyers for collective dismissals and ERE-layoffs.
  • Furlough schemes - ERTE Force Majeure and ERTE ETOP (based on economic, technical, organizational and production causes).
  • Legal procedures for employment suspension and reduction of working hours.
  • Advisory services on the termination of temporary contracts.
  • Management of bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Substantial modifications of working conditions, geographical mobility and functional mobility.
  • Processing of objective and disciplinary dismissals and planning of the disciplinary labor measures.

Legal advice on public employment matters:

  • Team of labor lawyers specialized in public employees in breach of the Law: long term temporary staff.
  • Management and advice on the termination of the employment relationship in the Public Administration.

Advise in relation to Senior Management:

  • Drafting of contracts, golden parachute and non-competition clauses.
  • Termination of the employment relationship.
  • Dismissal of senior management.

Collective bargaining agreements, negotiations and trade union matters:

  • Labor lawyers expert in negotiating and drafting employment contracts in general, taking into account the particularities of each company.
  • Drafting of non-competition and exclusivity agreements.
  • Drafting, negotiation and implementation of collective agreements at company level.
  • Experts in collective bargaining agreements.
  • Legal advice on strikes and lock-outs.

Training in Labor Law and Social Security:

  • Specialized courses for in-house legal departments on recent regulations and jurisprudence.
  • Training for human resources and labor relations managers.
  • Specific approach applied according to the particularities of each sector.
  • Practical and interactive methodology based on real cases and needs and the experience of our labor lawyers.

Special employment relationships:

  • Labor lawyers for sportspersons and management of special employment schemes.
  • Legal advice for artists and special contracts in the entertainment industry.

Employment litigation:

  • Proceedings before the Social Security and Labor Inspection.
  • Drafting of documents: conciliation documents and lawsuits.
  • Advice on out-of-court conciliations.
  • Legal representation and appeals in employment proceedings.

Social Security and Occupational Risk Prevention:

  • Accidents at work and occupational diseases.
  • Temporary and permanent disability.
  • Infringement and settlement proceedings.
  • Drafting of occupational risk prevention plans.

Labor and Employment Audit to Companies:

  • Study and analysis of the HR structure in companies.
  • Protocols and preventive advice by specialized labor lawyers.
  • Continued legal advice adjusted to the characteristics and situation of each company and sector.

International mobility and expats:

Our advisory services in matters related to International Mobility and Expats are mainly intended for multinational companies with the aim of helping them manage their employees in international assignments, i.e. in relocations to Spain or to a third country.

The internationalization of Spanish companies implies that the relocation of their employees is becoming more and more frequent and poses multiple challenges for the HR Departments. We have a network of lawyers specialized in labor and tax matters to offer specific solutions.  We also provide international coverage through our international alliances, which enable us to be present in more than 150 countries and offer a network of professionals specialized in the management of expat-related issues worldwide. The following are some of our services:

  • Golden Visa in Spain: Investment Residency / Investor Visa
  • Preparation of employee relocation policies
  • Social Security procedures and formalities for expats
  • Analysis of international legislation at destination
  • Outsourcing of procedures and formalities related to employee mobility

When an employee is relocated to Spain or to a third country, it’s essential to take into account the tax implications that the transfer may bring about, in order to avoid issues such as double taxation, among others. Our firm has tax experts who will be able to advice on the best options.

Contact our labor lawyers for companies

Our team of labor lawyers for companies is highly specialized in all legal procedures related to employment and labor issues, whether collective dismissals, bargaining agreements or adapting to new regulations. They work across the board with all sectors, adapting the strategy to the needs of each company. We can help you.

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Albert Toledo Oms

Albert Toledo Oms

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Laura Guillén Fiel

Laura Guillén Fiel

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