Data Protection and Digital Law Lawyers

Experts in Data Protection and Privacy issues

  • Consultancy on projects involving data protection and privacy tailored to the company’s industry and activity.
  • Legal advice on the correct processing of corporate databases that contain personal data, as well as on their appropriate exploitability, re-use and data sharing.
  • Adaptation and implementation of policies for regulatory compliance in digital matters.
  • Protocols and privacy policies by Design and by Default.
  • Legal support in the management and notification of security breaches. 
  • Development of Personal Data Protection Impact Assessments (PIAs).
  • Audits on Data Protection and Information Security matters.
  • Specific training by lawyers specialized in Data Protection and cybersecurity.
  • Legal assistance in proceedings, requirements and sanctions from the competent supervisory authority (in Spain, the Spanish Data Protection Agency or regional authorities).
  • Public tenders: legal advice on data protection in public procurement. Specifications and responsibility in the processing of data.

Legal advisory services related to Data Sharing 

  • Projects involving the re-use of information (Data sharing, B2G, B2B, G2B, G2G)
  • Advice and assistance in processes of anonymization and securization of personal information to promote its free movement and processing.
  • Legal support for the development of Big Data projects.


  • Legal advice on projects involving data protection and privacy adapted to the public sector. 
  • Development of Open Government projects (Transparency, Citizen Participation and Reuse of public information).
  • Creation and support in the implementation of transparency regulations in public administrations (Active Transparency and Passive Transparency).
  • Support in compliance with the protection of personal data in public procurement.
  • Creation and support in the processing of requests for access to public information.
  • Adaptation to the National Security Framework (or ENS for its Spanish acronym).

Law and new technologies

Ecommerce and online sales policy

  • Drafting and/or review of legal texts: legal disclaimer, privacy policy and cookies policy.
  • Drafting and/or review of the terms and conditions of sale.
  • Legal advice on consumer legislation and consumer rights (cancellations, labelling, returns policy, etc.).
  • Advice on agreements with technology suppliers.
  • Legal assistance in the event of the opening of disciplinary proceedings by the Secretary of State for the Information Society and the Digital Agenda or the corresponding competent regional and local bodies, as well as by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Algorithmic business and artificial intelligence (AI) 

  • Legal support in the drafting of contracts for Artificial Intelligence projects.
  • Creation of protocols and privacy policies by Design and by Default in the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Contact with lawyers specialized in Data Protection

Our lawyers specialized in Data Protection and privacy are at the cutting edge of regulations related to digital law and new technologies. To implement digital compliance correctly, in terms of the use of personal data, privacy and cybersecurity, the best strategy is to rely on trustworthy specialized teams such as ours.

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