Lawyers for M&A of Companies

The M&A department and its lawyers are within the Top 25 in the TTR ranking of legal advisors in the domestic market. The volume of transactions in which we have participated grants us unique knowledge and expertise to deal with corporate mergers in international processes. We cover all types of sectors: industrial, telecommunications, healthcare, energy, transportation, consumer goods...

Our team of M&A lawyers is specially trained in corporate, commercial, civil and labor law to be able to offer a multidisciplinary service with respect to any situation that may arise after a sale or merger transaction. The comprehensive coverage of our M&A services with lawyers who think strategically ensures a personalized service from the very first moment, studying the details of each M&A transaction in depth.

Commercial Law:

  • Mergers and acquisitions and other types of structural modifications.
  • Due diligence and purchase and sale of companies and business units.
  • Purchase and sale of assets and debt portfolios.
  • Advice to entrepreneurs and startups.

Capital markets:

  • Admissions to trading on the stock exchange and BME Growth.
  • Takeover bids of companies - IPOs.
  • Debt and bond issuances.
  • Mortgage and asset securitizations.
  • Incorporation of and advice to collective investment institutions and Financial Advising Companies (EAFIs, for their acronym in Spanish).
  • Crowdfunding - Participative financing platforms.
  • Advice to regulated entities.
  • Advice and legal counsel to companies subject to supervision by the Bank of Spain, the National Securities Market Commission and SEPBLAC (Spain’s Financial Intelligence Unit).

M&A and corporate and contract law:

  • Drafting and amendment of Articles of Association.
  • Drafting of shareholders' agreements and family protocols.
  • Advice on disputes between partners.
  • Drafting of all types of commercial contracts.
  • Advice on EPC and O&M contracts for renewable energy facilities.
  • Advice on distribution and franchise agreements.
  • Unfair competition.
  • Defense of Competition.
  • General terms and conditions.
  • Agency Contract.
  • Sale of goods and chattels by instalments.

Contact our M&A Lawyers

Our M&A lawyers are highly specialized in all the legal procedures involved in the purchase and sale of companies. They provide an expert vision in matters related to commercial and corporate, labor or tax issues, or any other issue that affects transactions between companies. Our service is tailored to each specific case. We can help you.

Credentials: Advised Operations

  • 2022: Legal advice to Vantguard Group in the entry in the share capital of the Spanish company Islena Ibiza Brand, S.L.U., owner of the trademark "Isleña" and "Isleña Blue" by investors and a talent (a DJ who will promote the trademark). Deal Value: 2.000.000 €
  • 2022: Legal advice on the acquisition of the 57,6% company AT La Espada S.L. and the 57,6% of the company IntertrukRental, S.L., which is engaged in the transport sector. Deal Value: 26.000.000 €
  • 2022: Legal advice on the purchase of electricity and gas supply customer portfolio (100,000) by Repsol Comercializadora de Electricidad y Gas, S.L.U. Deal Value: 5.000.000 €
  • 2022: Legal advice on the acquisition by Myinvestor S.A. through a purchase and sale of the 100% companies Belambe, S.L. and Finanbest Inversiones Inteligentes, A.V., S.A. Deal Value: 2.000.000 €
  • 2022: Legal advice to Vantguard Group on the acquisition of "Gin Mare" and "Gin Mare Capri" brands owned by Mareliquid Vantguard, S.L.U. and Gin Mare Brand, S.L.U (each holding a 50% of the brand) by Brown-Forman Corporation. Deal Value: Confidential
  • 2022: General Técnica Industrial, S.L.U. (Alsa Group) acquires 100% of the company Vitalia Servicios Sanitarios, S.A., dedicated to the medical transport sector. Deal Value: 7.500.000 €
  • 2022: Incorporation of a Joint Venture for the installation of a production center for the valorisation of heparin crude fractionation into resin, for its commercialisation. Deal Value: 3.000.000 €
  • 2021: Tilden Capital acquires 100% of Spanish companies Espiral Microsistemas, S.L. and Prosafety Software, S.L. through financing from Tresmares Capital. Deal Value: 5.000.000 €
  • 2021: LLYC [BMEGrowth:LLYC], a Spain-based communication agency, acquired 70% of China, also based in Spain. Deal Value: 4.000.000 €
  • 2021: Transfer of 100% of the shares of the Company Airmedical Products, S.L. to the listed French company, Bastide Le Comfort Medical. Deal Value: 2.500.000 €
  • 2021: Grupo Elektra Global, acquires 9.50% of the share capital of the company Blumeran Technology, S.L., through a financing round. Also, Grupo Elektra Global will subscribe a convertible loan with the Spanish company. Blumeran Technology, S.L. is the holding of Unnax Regulatory Services, Entidad de Dinero Electrónico, S.L., a company whose corporate purposes includes the issuance of electronic money and the providing of payment initiation and account information services, registered with Banco de España as a Entidad de Dinero Electrónico. Deal Value: 3.400.000 €
  • 2020: BMS Mediación Iberia Correduría de Seguros y Reaseguros, S.L.U. acquires 100% of Montymarq Asociados Consultores y Corredores de Seguros, S.L. and indirectly acquires 20.59% of the Company Grupo Milenio Corredores de Seguros Asociados, S.L. and a 1% of the Company Seguros Colectivos Mupiti By Montymarq, S.L. Deal Value: 2.150.000 €
  • 2020: Acquisition of the 70% of the share capital of Hivisan, S.L., with a purchase and sale option on the remaining shares of the aforementioned company to be exercised within a period of three years. Deal Value: 1.000.000 €
  • 2020: Legal advice on the sale of a veterinary hospital to an English fund. CAH Región Noreste, S.L.U. acquires 100% of the shares of Animalia BCN, S.L.U. Deal Value: 2.000.000 €
  • 2020: Transfer of 100% of the shares of two Catalan healthcare distribution companies to a listed French company. Deal Value: 13.000.000 €
  • 2020: Legal advice to the shareholders of Global Premium Brands, S.A. in the intra-group reorganization of the company, through the incorporation of a holding company, Vantguard Brands Holdig, S.L., and affiliated companies through the transfer and spin-off of core assets and main brands. Deal Value: 8.000.000 €
  • 2020: Legal Advice on the transfer of 50.5% of the company’s shares, on the purchase option agreement and on the capital increase. Deal Value: 2.604.000 €
  • 2020: Transfer of the business unit (assets and liabilities) of Forjados Secusa, S.L. and execution of 10-year lease agreement with an option to purchase the properties of Forjados Secusa, S.L. Deal Value: 3.600.000 €
  • 2019: Legal advice to The Touchment Company, S.L. “ApetEat” on the entry into its share capital of private equity investors. Deal Value: 300.000 €
  • 2019: Acquisition by ALS Laboratory Group, S.L. of a group of companies (Aquimisa Group), composed of 15 companies of different nationalities: 10 Spanish, 1 Brazilian and 4 Portuguese. Deal Value: 60.000.000 €
  • 2019:Legal advice to Línea Directa in the private equity investment transaction whereby Línea Directa and Altamar Real Estate, among others, acquired 100% of Healthcare Activos Yield, a Spain-based investment vehicle created by Healthcare Activos Management and Altamar Capital Partners, among others, which initially manages 20 healthcare properties of the Healthcare Activos Yield group. Deal Value: from 225.000.000 € (initial investment) up to 400.000.000 €
  • 2019: Legal advice to The Touchment Company, S.L. “ApetEat” on the entry into its share capital of venture capital and private equity investors. Deal Value: 780.000 €
  • 2019: Legal advice to Belambe, S.L., sole shareholder of Finanbest Inversiones Inteligentes AV, S.A.U., in the entry into its capital of private equity investors, among others, Varianza Gestión SGIIC, S.A.; Xpedite Spain, S.A.; Innova 10 investment, S.L.; Analuk Gestión, S.L., Veganarcea, S.L.; Lumtag, S.L.; Inversiones Big Red, S.L.; and Crowdcube Nominees Limited. Deal Value: 1.550.000 €
  • 2019: Legal advice to The Touchment Company, S.L. “ApetEat”, in the merger operation under which ApetEat absorbed “FELIX”, a company dedicated to the delivery of fresh and healthy food.  Deal Value: 1.157.000 €
  • 2017 – 2018: Legal advice to the DXC Technology Group within the reorganization plan of the corporate group, through advice on the execution of the purchase and sale of Aspediens España, S.L.U. by Computer Science España, S.A.U. and its subsequent merger. Deal Value: 4.000.000 €
  • 2017: Legal advice to a minority shareholder of Breda Capital, S.L. in the acquisition of the Hotel Velázquez in Madrid, through the purchase and sale of the property, the execution of the hotel management agreement and the restoration of the hotel. Deal Value: 70.000.000 €
  • 2017: Legal advice to a minority shareholder and CEO of Digitex Informática Holding, S.A. in the purchase and sale of 100% of the Digitex Group (and the Comdata Group) by the Carlyle investment fund. Deal Value: 80.000.000 €

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