Lawyers specialized in inheritance and family law


  • Divorce litigation
  • Divorce by consent
  • Divorce agreements
  • Alimony
  • Pension to cover family expenditure
  • Lawyers specialized in family law in relation to:
    • Child custody
    • Use of the marital residence
    • Child support

Legal incapacitation

  • Restrictions to the legal capacity
  • Causes for incapacitation
  • Proceedings for being declared incapacitated by a judge
  • Protection of the incapacitated person’s estate

Regulatory Agreement

  • Drafting of the Regulatory Agreement
  • Acceptance and ratification by the spouses
  • Judicial approval of the Regulatory Agreement
  • Challenging the Regulatory Agreement

Marital Property System

  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Community marital property
  • Separate marital property
  • Separation of property with equitable distribution
  • Marriage gifts

Protection of minors

  • Custody
  • Guardianship
  • Curatorship
  • Child fostering

Registered partnerships

  • Requirements for a registered partnership or de-facto union
  • Economic relations between partners
  • Parent-child relationships
  • Proof of partnership
  • Matters related to the Social Security
  • Matters related to leases

Family home

  • Administration of the family home
  • Rights of non-owning spouse over home
  • Use of family home and household items
  • Release from marital expenditure
  • Breach of duty to contribute

Lawyers specialized in Inheritance and Probate Law

  • Legal advice on inheritance and heirship issues
  • Wills: drafting and contesting
  • Execution of wills and inheritances
  • Declaration of heirs
  • Deeds of partition
  • Probates:
    • Types of probate
    • Will and testament
    • Declaration of heirs
    • Deeds of partition
    • Legal proceedings for the declaration of heirs and partitioning of the estate
    • Calculation of inheritance tax

Family Law Lawyers and modification of measures

  • Requirements for the modification of measures
  • Modification of measures after divorce
  • Proceedings by mutual agreement 
  • Contentious proceedings
  • Appeals
  • Modification of the visitation arrangements

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