Lawyers specialized in inheritance and Family Law

Matrimonial divorce 

  • Legal proceedings of separation and divorce litigation.
  • Legal proceedings of separation and divorce by consent, before the court or  before a public notary.
  • Regulation of parent-child relationships.
  • Execution of separation and divorce decrees.
  • Proceedings concerning the Modification of Measures.
  • Settlement Agreements.

Lawyers specialized in Inheritance & Probate Law

  • Legal advice on inheritance and heirship issues.
  • Wills: drafting and contesting.
  • Execution of wills and inheritances and ab intestato inheritances, testamentary Memoirs and codicils.
  • Declaration of heirs.
  • Deeds of partition.
  • Judicial partition of the estate.
  • Estate partitioning. Voluntary Jurisdiction Proceedings, adveration procedures of holographic wills.


Judicial incapacitation proceedings 

  • Judicial incapacitation proceedings.  
  • Guardianship and de facto guardianship.  
  • Appointment of a Legal Defender. 
  • Preparation of  preventive mandates and powers of attorney.

Marital Property System

  • Marrige articles.
  • Pre-nuptial agreements.
  • Liquidation of marital property systems.

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