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We have specialist lawyers who, working closely with companies in the automotive sector, are constantly updated on any changes or new legislation that directly affects them. Therefore, we have a deep knowledge of the sector that allows our clients to achieve their objectives with all the legal guarantees.

We offer comprehensive advice on labor, commercial, administrative, tax and those issues related to competition law that affect companies in the automotive sector.

Abogados especialistas en el sector de la automoción

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At CECA MAGÁN Abogados we contribute to companies in the automotive sector by minimizing our clients' operational risks, streamlining administrative procedures, advising on any labor, corporate and tax issues and optimizing their structure. We believe in advice that generates value. We believe in advice that generates value. Shall we talk?

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Albert Toledo Oms labor lawyer at ceca magán barcelona
Albert Toledo Oms

Albert Toledo Oms

Labor Law and Social Security Area Director