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Logo de bound4blue, compañía asesorada por CECA MAGÁN Abogados

"For several years, we have worked closely with the CECA MAGAN team, who have been our legal advisors in commercial, tax and labor matters. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for their commitment, excellence and dedication in our collaboration. It is important to highlight their professional treatment, the dedicated attention and the closeness of the whole team, which always responds quickly and clearly to all our needs.

Trust in our legal advisors is fundamental for us, as it allows us to build a long-term relationship with confidence"

José Miguel Bermúdez
CECA MAGÁN Abogados, logo del Grupo Jamsa Real Estate

"His commitment to excellence and integrity in the delivery of legal services has been truly exemplary. The ability to masterfully address complex legal issues and provide effective solutions reflects a high level of expertise and knowledge.

In addition, I would like to highlight the valuable accompaniment they provide to their clients throughout the entire legal process. The empathy and care they show in guiding those who rely on their services not only reinforces trust, but also contributes to establishing long-term relationships".

Juan Antonio Mora
Logo Mediapost, opinión cliente de CECA MAGÁN Abogados
In Mediapost we have been clients of CECA for several years, in which we have faced several complex labor issues, so we can highlight the technical quality of all its professionals. But additionally, we would like to highlight the service, the closeness and the personalized attention they provide at all times, so we have always felt very accompanied.
On the other hand, the language used, despite the technical complexity of the issues, is adapted to the interlocutor, so it helps the understanding and proper decision making.

Isabel Otero

Logo Room Mate Group, opinión sobre CECA MAGÁN Abogados

"We have worked with Ceca Magán's team of labor lawyers and we are very happy with all the services provided, both in time and form. Every time we have had a query the response time has always been very fast and comfortable, both by telephone and e-mail, this has made us 100% confident that if we have an urgent matter they will be there to resolve it with us.

We also value very much, unlike other law firms the language in which the issues are explained, given that many times the problem to be dealt with is complex and technical, they always adapt to the interlocutor they have in front of them and this gives many facilities to the departments when making decisions".

Ana Trujillo
Logo Nacex by logista cliente web
"From Salman 2003 SL, franchisee of NACEX, we have asked CECA MAGAN ABOGADOS for legal advice for the Appeal before the Labor Authority for an Act of the Labor and Social Security Inspection of the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy related to the ERTE COVID.
Subsequently we have continued to collaborate in the presentation of the lawsuit before the Social Court before the dismissal of the appeal filed.
From the first moment and during all the time that the process has lasted until the Judgment, which finally was favorable for our company, we have felt very supported by close and rigorous professionals, being very satisfied to have worked together in this procedure".

José Javier Fernández

logo cliente new line

"Our journey with Ceca Magan started in 2016, already 6 years ago. Since then we have lived many adventures together. We started hiring only employment advice and, thanks to their professionalism and closeness, we currently work with all their areas. At New Line we do not take a single step without them. This decision was made when we got to know the team in depth. They are great professionals who are always there when you need them, and the most important thing is that they treat every situation from a human point of view, always helping us in all the difficulties that companies face in these turbulent times. In addition, they have always known how to take care and respect our business vision and the flexibility we need to give our customers, accompanying and helping us at all times, a fundamental quality for any company today. For us, Ceca Magan is a seal of quality, and the peace of mind of knowing that, if their team is behind us, everything will go well."

Silvia Carbonell

logo de iskaypet

“We started collaborating with CECA MAGAN almost four years ago as legal advisors in labor aspects and in this time we have had many different cases. From the beginning, we perceived the rigor and high quality of the advice, but also the closeness, availability and service orientation of the work team. We value their accompaniment on a daily basis, but mainly their help in relevant and more complex issues that make us find solutions within our operations in the simplest way and without forgetting the vision of the business."

Dolores Barceló

Logo de Desarrollo Espacio Ermita

""In 2020 we went public on BME Growth, with Ceca Magán being an essential traveling companion in this adventure. The great work they did made us consider the possibility of counting on them for the rest of the companies in our group, which has proven to be a great idea. As a tax partner, Ceca Magán provides us, in addition to an always innovative vision, the peace of mind we need at a time when taxation is becoming one of the most important factors in business decisions."

José Antonio Llorente

logo Grupo AMPER

“For the Amper Group, Ceca Magán Abogados has always been a reference of prestige, proximity and professionalism in the labor area, likewise they have also shown us professionalism in the procedural area, whose services we had not used, and to certain Amper requirements, they have responded with efficiency, solvency and guarantees. In short, Ceca Magán Abogados is a highly recommended firm so that it can provide broad coverage at a business level, and also from its own experience, it has a very professional team, with great human quality that inspires confidence and security, fundamental qualities for any business project from today."

Ricardo Sánchez

logo GES Seguros

"In the years that we have worked with CECA Magán, it has become an essential collaborator due to its consistency and its valuable technical contributions on as many issues as we have had to deal with them. But they have not only offered us an impeccable professional service, it brings us closeness, security and confidence and we could not be more satisfied to be able to count on them as collaborators and friends."

Mª Teresa Garcinuño

logo clínica baviera

“We have been working with CECA MAGAN for four years now. We started by asking them for advice in the commercial area, and thanks to the good work, qualification and professionalism of their excellent team, we were expanding our collaboration to other matters such as tax and labor. This experience has allowed its services to be considered and always carried out with a global and quality approach, which for us, is one of the added values to highlight of the firm. And they apply very reasonable rates. They have our utmost confidence. Congratulations."

Eduardo Baviera

Logo empresa cliente Procobro

“Since our incorporation as a company, we decided to count on the collaboration of Ceca Magán, both in the labor and commercial areas, having always received not only the best advice, but also the dedication and closeness that makes their office a fundamental pillar in our operational structure. We have grown together and will continue to do so, basing our relationship on trust and excellence."

Pablo Martín
logo pastelería mallorca opiniones de cliente

“Just over three years ago, we asked Ceca Magán to help us draw up a protocol to establish the rules by which the members of the family, the fourth generation in the company, some already working and others just starting out, could be guided. This is a very convenient requirement in a 90-year-old family business like ours. We immediately felt very comfortable working smoothly and efficiently. In a short time we began to deal with commercial, labor, etc. matters with the firm, which has become our law firm of choice. In these difficult times, when it is essential to have everything in order and feel that you have the best advisors and lawyers when a problem arises, we count on the entire team of professionals at Ceca Magán Abogados."

Carmen Moreno Nieto

“The advice we have received from Ceca Magán Abogados has gradually evolved over time: we first started with the labor branch and, after their good results, we decided to broaden the scope and depend upon them more globally. They are a corporate firm and the legal coverage they provide is a great asset to our company. The professional team that Ceca Magán Abogados relies upon inspires a high degree of trust and confidence, qualities that are essential when making the right decisions."

José Martínez

“We've been partners with Ceca Magán Abogados for two years and they have proved their professionalism and competence in different areas affecting our multinational business in the entertainment industry. Thanks to Ceca Magán Abogados we were able to outsource the management of a variety of challenges which diverted our focus from our core business. Their team of highly qualified professionals has been able to address those challenges impeccably. I would like to highlight their global vision in all corporate matters consulted to them, which allowed us to assess the implications in all areas of our business, as well as their deep knowledge of the law related to new technologies, which is critical today. I strongly recommend Ceca Magán Abogados as a reliable legal partner for any Spanish company."

Jaime Velarde