Lawyers specialized in Public and Regulatory Law

Advice to private companies and entities

  • We advise private companies and entities in their relations with the Administrations in matters such as: processing of various authorizations and concessions for the use of public domain goods; sanctioning or compulsory expropriation proceedings; administrative and contentious-administrative appeals, including proceedings involving Public Authority’s liability.

Legal management of infrastructure

Legal advice on proceedings related to roads, airport, port and railway infrastructures, water and waste treatment; hospitals; residential buildings; shopping malls; etc., including matters related to urban planning law.

Advice to Administrations and Public Entities - Public Procurement

  • Legal advice in Public and Regulatory Law. Support on matters related the organization and operation of public bodies, professional associations, the provision of public services or the possible management models for public-private partnerships.
  • Renowned experts in Contentious-Administrative litigation related to claims brought by contractors against the Administration.
  • Legal advice to Public Administrations and entities on drafting tender specifications, public biddings, award and execution of contracts, as well as planning and organization of public-private management models and their financing scheme -tolls, fees-.
  • Legal advice to private entities, assisting on the different stages of the bidding process, and the drafting and execution of the contract awarded through a tender.

Public Administration

Expert advice in all aspects of the relationship between the Public Administration and its personnel: admission (competitive examinations and entrance requirements), professional promotion, incompatibilities, administrative and disciplinary procedures, and issues related to interim personnel, both civil servants and personnel under administrative status.

Experts in regulated sectors

Legal advice in Public and Regulatory Law in sectors such as energy (electricity, gas, hydrocarbons, hydrogen), life sciences (experts in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, with special focus on matters related to medicine distribution and the legal regime of retail pharmacies), biocides and chemicals, gambling, food and agriculture, etc.

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Our expert lawyers in Public and Regulatory Law respond to complex, and at the same time necessary, needs in companies. If you need advice in relation to public administration and regulated sectors, contact our lawyers.

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Area Managers

José María Ciruelos Gallego José María Ciruelos Gallego director and lawyer of public and regulatory law
José María Ciruelos Gallego

José María Ciruelos Gallego

Administrative Law and Regulated Sector Area Director