"The legal events with the most prepared and understandable speakers for non-lawyers". These are not our words, but they are the words we have received many times from attendees to our sessions. 
At Ceca Magán Abogados we organize and participate in working breakfasts, conferences, webinars and legal forums to address complex current issues and to help attendees clarify their doubts or questions on these matters. Sharing this information is part of our DNA.
Here you will find all our events, current and past. If you want to be up to date on legal issues, do not hesitate, we invite you to register and attend the upcoming events:

Upcoming events

CECA MAGÁN Abogados en el 6º Congreso Factor Humano de Barcelona
5 Oct 2023

6º Congreso Factor Humano Barcelona

Los abogados laboralistas de CECA MAGÁN Abogados le esperan una vez más en el mayor evento de España para Directivos de Recursos Humanos, en el que se dan cita más de 700 asistentes.

De 8.30h a 17.30h
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CECA MAGÁN Abogados participa en el Congreso Internacional de RRHH organizado por APD
5 Oct 2023
Round Table

5º Congreso Internacional de Recursos Humanos

Javier Reyes, abogado laboralista de CECA MAGÁN Abogados, participa en una de las mesas redondas en el 5º Congres Internacional de RR.HH. que organiza APD en Sevilla.

De 11.30h a 13.00h
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Past events