Criminal Law:

Offences against life, sexual offences, offences against workers’ rights, honor crimes and privacy offences, gender-based violence crimes, crimes against Public Administration.

International Criminal Law:

European extradition and arrest warrants. Crimes against persons and economic crimes.

Delitos societarios:

Esta práctica tiene por objeto la resolución, en vía penal, de las situaciones patológicas producidas en el seno de las compañías, como consecuencia de conductas de administración desleal del patrimonio societario, falsedades en los estados contables y otros documentos societarios que distorsionen su imagen fiel, imposición de acuerdos abusivos por la mayoría, adopción de acuerdos por mayorías ficticias y denegación de derechos a los socios.

Otros procesos del derecho penal:

Nuestros abogados penalistas también tienen experiencia en procedimientos judiciales de carácter penal tales como: 

  • Delitos contra la vida y delitos sexuales
  • Delitos contra los derechos de los trabajadores
  • Delitos contra el honor y la intimidad
  • Delitos de violencia de género
  • Delitos contra la Administración Pública


1. Criminal compliance implementation stages:

  • Analyze and identify criminal risks.
  • Propose controls to mitigate the likelihood of an avoidable risk.
  • Draft an action plan and devise corrective actions.
  • Staff training, communication and awareness actions.
  • Support and follow up the assignment of a person responsible (in-house or third party hire) for periodically reviewing and assessing risks.

2. Among the most significant offenses which may be committed by the company in the field of Criminal Law:

  • Bribery.
  • Influence peddling.
  • Environmental crimes.
  • Crimes against public health.
  • Forgery of methods of payment.
  • Fraud.
  • Money laundering.
  • Crimes against Tax and Social Security Authorities.

3. New crimes which may be committed by a company:

  • Offenses related to obstruction of enforcement proceedings (submitting an incomplete or inaccurate list of assets when replying to a court enforcement order).
  • Offenses related to discrimination (denigration, humiliation, or any other violation of fundamental rights are not limited to individuals, they can also be committed by companies).

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