Criminal lawyers specialized in financial crimes

Financial crime law

  • Property crimes,  embezzlement, swindles and frauds 
  • Punishable insolvencies or execution frustration
  • Crimes against the Public Treasury and Social Security
  • Money laundering
  • Forgery of documents 
  • Computer  systems damages
  • Crimes committed through technological means (phishing, hacking, pharming, exploit, hoax, skimming, cracking, malware, etc.)
  • Ciberbullying
  • Crime against the territorial planning and urbanism 
  • Crimes againts the environment


Corruption-related crimes

In this area, our lawyers specialized in financial crimes defend the client during the investigation and proceedings in matters related to bribery, influence peddling, corruption in international commercial transactions and the new crime of business corruption.


Corporate & accounting crimes

The purpose of this legal practice is to resolve, through criminal proceedings, pathological situations arising within companies as a result of unfair administration of corporate assets, falsification of accounting statements and other corporate documents that distort their true and fair view, imposition of abusive resolutions by the majority, adoption of resolutions by fictitious majorities and denial of rights to shareholders.


Corporate defense

After the reform of the Criminal Code in 2010, companies will be criminally liable for crimes committed by their managers and employees, which have not been properly supervised, in relation to the activities carried out in the exercise of social activity and for the benefit of the organization. Our economic criminal lawyers are specialists in the defense of the legal entity or corporate defense, which takes into account the special procedural status of the legal entity, its interests and possible conflicts of interest.

In this sense, they accompany companies in any pre-contentious or contentious phase, from the moment the irregularity is detected, with the development of rigorous internal investigations to ensure evidence, relevant decision making, accreditation of the existence of an effective crime prevention model before the judicial bodies and procedural corporate defense. 

Our lawyers combine experience in economic criminal law with knowledge in criminal compliance as they collaborate in the implementation, evaluation and monitoring of criminal risk prevention systems, providing recurring advice to national and international companies in this area. 

Lawyers specialized in Labor & Corporate Crimes

Highly qualified crime expert lawyers with a transversal vision that combines knowledge in criminal, labor and compliance matters, capable of detecting and, if necessary, anticipating and managing the different scenarios that may arise in the event of an irregularity or crime committed in the business environment. 

Crimes related to labor and corporate:

  • Workplace accidents 
  • Crimes against moral  or sexual indemnity (harassment)
  • Exercise of union freedom or the right to strike and collective conflicts         
  • Discovering and disclosing of  secrets
  • Offences against market and consumers
  • Crimes against the honor and reputation (libel and slander)
  • Crimes against privacy and self-image
  • Privacy and security of information systems.
  • Crimes against intellectual and industrial property

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