Our interim management service has been designed to provide coverage and response to temporary lows or peaks of activity and even to support the opportunities or threats that the board of directors has to face effectively and require to be managed by an external professional executive for a limited time, but not defined, to achieve the objectives set.

In Ceca Magán we put at your disposal our best professionals, who will become your best in-house executives and, with all the support and commitment of our office as well as years of experience and technical knowledge, will provide your project and management with the plus it needs.

The interim management service that we provide in Ceca Magán has the possibility of making available all the legal advice to the company that needs it; both preventive and recurrent, in labor, commercial and corporate and tax and tax matters that our office offers. Our firm covers, under this modality, any type of need for specific management (or management for a defined period of time) in relation to Human Resources systems, relating to national and international taxation, mergers and acquisitions, taxes and tax planning of your business, to name just a few.

Service of Interim Management

Our interim management legal services are particularly useful in the following situations:

  • Businesses that do not have in-house legal advice and require a part-time lawyer to manage their legal affairs on a global basis.
  • Temporary replacement of the person responsible for judicial advice.
  • Punctual overload of work of the internal legal advice.
  • Changes in the shareholders or partners of reference.
  • Provision of service while the company searches for the most suitable professional on a permanent basis.

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Contact us to find out how we can help you make up for the temporary lack of resources and management skills on your company. Do not hesitate, in Ceca Magan we have extensive experience in providing legal services of interim management

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