Lawyers specialized in environmental issues

Industrial Environmental Law:

  • Our environmental lawyers provide comprehensive legal advice ranging from the processing of environmental licenses, authorizations and concessions to acting at an industrial sector level depending on the impact of your activity - water and waste, emissions and noise, waste and contaminated soils, transport of hazardous substances, trade in chemical substances, REACH and CLP, etc.
  • Integration and design of a sustainability strategy, including possible financing for SMEs: Environmental Sustainability Protocol.
  • Support and legal counsel in environmental disputes within the framework of administrative, contentious-administrative and criminal proceedings.
  • Advice on environmental taxation matters.
  • Identification and assessment of environmental contingencies in due diligence procedures.
  • Project financing in environmental matters, identifying, by activity or technology, public aid and subsidies.


  • We provide legal and procedural support to producers and managers of non-hazardous and hazardous waste to ensure compliance with the requirements and control documents required by the applicable regulations.
  • Legal and procedural guidance during national, community and international waste shipment operations up to their treatment stage.
  • Legal advice in relation to the creation and operation of an Extended Producer Responsibility System.
  • Legal advice in relation to the creation and operation of a Deposit, Return and Refund System for packages and packaging waste.
  • Advice in the negotiation of collaboration agreements with different agents or with public administrations in the field of waste management.
  • We created #REPRESENTA with INERCO: an alliance that offers customised solutions to companies that are not established in Spain, to help them comply with extended producer responsibility obligations for packaging and packaging waste, guiding them on regulation and move towards sustainability.

Decarbonization policies:

  • We provide support to companies in their decarbonization process, advising them on emissions trading or other parallel markets, collaboration contracts and CO2e offset projects; carbon credit sales contracts; design of sustainability policies; inclusion of ESG variables in their decisions or drafting of non-financial reports.
  • Advice on sustainable financing.
  • Legal assistance and support to the different Administrations and public Entities in the integration of environmental and sustainability criteria in public procurement and aid tenders; its Policies and Action Plans in accordance with the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals; or in specific sectors such as mobility or waste management.
  • Advice to financial agents and insurance companies on the decarbonization of portfolios and the transition to a low-carbon economy; communication policies and distribution of information on public regulatory law applied in the company. Integration of sustainability criteria, in accordance with taxonomy and other criteria.
  • Internal training and general and specialized information dissemination projects on sustainability issues of interest through courses, seminars, etc. delivered by specialized environmental lawyers.

Energy sector

  • Legal advice on the construction, acquisition, sale, operation, and management of electricity generation and distribution facilities (under the special regime and the ordinary regime), as well as legal advice on oil and gas industry.  
  • Processing of energy projects in all their areas and comprehensive advice on authorizations and licenses.
  • Legal advice on the supply of electricity (authorizations and permits, registrations, contracts), trading (virtual auctions, physical contracts, derivatives) and emission allowances under EU ETS.
  • Negotiation of contracts such as supply, turnkey construction, operation, and maintenance contracts. 

Renewable Energy and Green Hydrogen 

  • Feasibility study: we evaluate all the financial, legal, and regulatory aspects of your project.
  • Comprehensive consultancy on regulatory matters for the generation of hydrogen, including permits, authorization and concessions for chemical installations, renewable plants, or water use.
  • Comprehensive consultancy on storage of hydrogen at the place of production and consumption, as well as advice on its transportation and supply. 
  • Advice to financial institutions and developers on the financing of construction and operation of hydrogen related facilities.

Contact with environmental lawyers

Our environmental lawyers can help you to fulfil the necessary requirements of your business, both to obtain financing and to make the transition to a more sustainable business model.

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