Lawyers specializing in legal solutions for the sports, culture and entertainment sectors

General advice for the sports, cultural and artistic sectors:

  • Full legal advice and legal defense to companies and other entities whose activity is focused on Sports & Entertainment.
  • Negotiation and drafting of representation and agency agreements for athletes and members of the world of art and culture, as well as agreements for the commercialization of sponsorships and advertising resources of the latter.
  • Labor, tax and civil advice to individuals and legal entities.
  • Legal advice and support related to marketing and advertising actions.

Legal services in the corporate field for sports entities:

  • Commercial management of all contracts of professional athletes.
  • Commercial, tax and labor advice on all the legal problems of sports facilities.
  • Commercial, tax and labor advice on all the legal problems of sports equipment companies.
  • Commercial and tax advice for foundations and federations linked to the sports world.
  • Public-private collaborations in the field of sports.

Legal services in the corporate field for entities and soccer clubs:

  • Financing of soccer clubs.
  • Commercial contracts and tax advice for the organization of major sporting events.
  • Licensing contracts, sponsorships, naming rights, as well as the services that a soccer club may require.
  • Advice for the entry of capital, as well as in the restructuring of soccer clubs.
  • Legal management and organization of the legal department of soccer clubs.
  • Legal advice on alternative financing via digital media.
  • Negotiation management of investment funds on the percentage of training rights or future royalties.
Abogados especialistas en el sector de los deportes, cultura y arte

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