Very few lawyers, who are more prone to writing texts, understand the importance of the popular saying “a picture speaks a thousand words”. At Ceca Magán Abogados we are 21st -century lawyers and we fully understand the value of audiovisual media. We have created this YouTube channel so that your can watch all of the videos the firm has put together.

A 2.0 Audiovisual Channel

At Ceca Magán Abogados we are very good listeners. Do you have any suggestions for our lawyers that you would like to see in one of their videos? Please, do not hesitate to contact us at

We are a law firm with our own style. #EstiloCeca is Quality, Experience, Competitiveness and Agility. More tan 45 years delivering excellence with own offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Tenerife and international coverage in more than 150 countries.

– Enrique Ceca –. "Getting up at 7 a.m. to run brings me #AGILITY and precision in the day to day. Ceca Magán is a firm with a vocation for growth, to provide value and not to accommodate. Therefore, #COMPETITIVENESS is a value that characterizes the #EstiloCECA”.

We open new offices in Barcelona. We grow in space and clients in Avenida Diagonal.

The firm has been recognized and awarded in recent years by the most prestigious national and international directories.

Testimonials from the youngest: What is it like to work at CECA MAGÁN Abogados?

Blanca Liñán, labor lawyer, talks on Canal Sur TV about false claims for harassment at work.

What legal trends do our lawyers foresee in the commercial field? These stand out for 2024.

Our traditional Legal Alphabet, 50th Anniversary Edition: Will our professionals know them all?

We compile the media appearances of the professionals of CECA MAGÁN Abogados offering opinions and legal analysis.

This is how we experienced the 50th anniversary celebration event with our customers and partners. A small sample of a very special evening.

A very special interview with Mr. Esteban Ceca for the 50th Anniversary of the firm, in which he talks about the past, present and future of the firm he founded in 1973.

CECA MAGÁN Abogados forms the #REPRESENTA alliance together with INERCO for companies that want to market packaged products in Spain.

Our expert lawyers in international mobility help you to obtain the Spanish Golden Visa. In this video we tell you how.

We pitted two generations against each other for Young Lawyers' Day. How did people used to work and how do they work now? How much has changed?

Mónica Muñoz, an expert lawyer in consumer law, explains on TVE what to do when faced with commercial calls.

Ingrid González, lawyer in the area of data protection and digital law, talks on Telemadrid about the areas of law involved in the case of the Real Madrid youth players.

Can Jorge Vilda claim after Rubiales' verbal promise? Jorge Sarazá, partner in the labor area, analyzes it on Cuatro TV's Todo es Mentira.

Companies are making the return to the office after the vacations more flexible through measures such as teleworking.

Rocío Guerrero explains the increase in requests for leave of absence to reconcile work and family life at Antena 3.

We are celebrating our 50th anniversary. The Madrid office is dressed to celebrate. This is how we have dressed our facade at Velázquez 150.

What happens if I receive an inheritance and I cannot assume it? Rafael Vallet explains it on Cuatro TV.

We participated in the 10th CONGRESO Factor Humano with our "tailor-made" lawyers.

What is considered an accident at work? Jorge Sarazá, our expert labor lawyer, answers on Telemadrid.

Specialized services for companies in the industrial sector offered by legal experts.

What legal services do we offer in the construction sector?

What legal services for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies do we offer?

How is a succession and inheritance process carried out if there is NO Will?

Cruz Peira, lawyer in the criminal area, and Isabel Melgarejo, lawyer in the labor area, talk on Telemadrid about the evolution of women in the civil and labor area.

Laura Guillén, director in the labor area, talks on Telemadrid about the Employment Law and the LGTBIQ+ collective as vulnerable in employability.

How long do copyrights last? Pablo Pedraza, an expert intellectual property lawyer in our digital law area, explains it in the program Cuatro al Día.

On February 28th we held an event at the offices of CECA MAGÁN Abogados together with AEDRH. Our labor partner, Ana Gómez, commented on the main recommendations in labor matters for 2023 in companies.

Why can't the police kick out "squatters" if they show meal tickets? Alejandra Lorente, our expert lawyer in the area of litigation and arbitration, explains it in the program Cuatro al Día.

Our expert lawyers in Commercial Law bring the legal trends in M&A for 2023 in Spain. These are the predictions of the professionals of CECA MAGÁN Abogados for this year and which are the trends that companies should focus on.

Diversity and Inclusion Plans in companies are now a real necessity after the approval of the "Solo Sí es Sí" Law. This regulation imposes a series of obligations that must be complied with in order not to receive sanctions from the Labor Inspectorate. What must be done to comply with the new law? Our team of diversity lawyers can help you.

How should one act in the event of non-payment of an invoice? Reaction time is key and so is advice during all stages of the claim process. Our team of litigation lawyers offers specialized global support.

The need to attract qualified talent to Spain involves the process of work permits and visas, a process that requires an expert lawyer who knows the process in depth so as not to encounter denied requests. In this webinar, Patricia Ruiz, an expert lawyer in international mobility and Golden Visa, explains how to obtain these permits for Highly Qualified Professionals (HQP).

Do you know how to carry out the procedures to hire Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) in your company? What documents do you need to submit and what are the requirements? Consult our expert lawyers to make this process agile and favorable.

With the recent changes in the labor laws, it is more frequent to receive a summons from the labor inspection and they review the established criteria to the letter. That is why it is convenient to be prepared and act diligently, always relying on the advice of expert lawyers in labor inspections.