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A 2.0 Audiovisual Channel

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¿Cuánto duran los derechos de autor? Pablo Pedraza, abogado experto en propiedad intelectual de nuestro área de derecho digital, lo explica en el programa Cuatro al Día.

El pasado 28 de febrero celebramos un evento en las oficinas de CECA MAGÁN Abogados junto a AEDRH. Nuestra socia del área laboral, Ana Gómez, comenta las principales recomendaciones en materia laboral para 2023 en las empresas.

¿Cómo es trabajar en CECA MAGÁN Abogados según los abogados más jóvenes? Hacemos una nueva recopilación de los estudiantes que han estado los últimos meses con nosotros haciendo sus prácticas de Máster y Grado en diferentes áreas.

Nuestros abogados expertos en Derecho Mercantil traen las tendencias legales en M&A para 2023 en España. Estas son las predicciones de los profesionales de CECA MAGÁN Abogados para este año y cuáles son las tendencias en las que las empresas deberán poner foco.

Los Planes de Diversidad e Inclusión en las empresas son ya una necesidad real tras la aprobación de la Ley del "Solo Si es Si". Esta normativa impone una serie de obligaciones que hay que cumplir para no recibir sanciones de la Inspección de Trabajo. ¿Qué se debe hacer para cumplir con la nueva ley? Nuestro equipo de abogados especializados en diversidad pueden ayudarte.

¿Cómo se debe actuar ante el impago de una factura? El tiempo de reacción es clave y el asesoramiento durante todas las fases del proceso de reclamación también. Nuestro equipo de abogados procesalistas ofrecen un acompañamiento global especializado.

Repasamos cuáles han sido las novedades legales de 2022 con nuestro tradicional y simpático abecedario legal. ¿Las acertarán todas nuestros profesionales? 

¿Por qué no puede la policía echar a "okupas" si enseñan tickets de comida? Lo explica en el programa Cuatro al Día Alejandra Lorente, nuestra abogada experta en el área de litigación y arbitraje.


Estos son los reconocimientos que hemos recibido como Mejor Despacho y Mejores Abogados durante el año 2022. Los principales directorios y rankings internacionales nos incluyen como firma recomendada. 

La necesidad de atraer talento cualificado a España pasa por tramitar permisos de trabajo y visados, un proceso que necesita de un abogado experto que lo conozca a fondo para no encontrarse con peticiones denegadas. En este webinar, Patricia Ruiz, abogada experta en movilidad internacional y Golden Visa, explica cómo conseguir estos permisos para Profesionales Altamente Cualificados (PAC).

¿Sabes cómo realizar los trámites para contratar Personal Altamente Cualificado (PAC) en tu empresa? ¿Qué documentación se necesita presentar y cuáles son los requisitos? Consulta con nuestros abogados expertos para que este proceso sea ágil y favorable.

Con los recientes cambios en las leyes del ámbito laboral, resulta más frecuente recibir una citación de la inspección de trabajo y revisan a rajatabla los criterios establecidos. Por eso es conveniente estar preparado y actuar de forma diligente, siempre contando con el asesoramiento de abogados expertos en inspecciones de trabajo. 

How do young people see the firm? What is it like to work at Ceca Magán? We make a new compilation of the testimonials left by students who are doing their internships with us. Both students of Law Degree and Master of Access tell their experience in the #EstiloCeca in first person.

Summary of our participation in the 9th Factor Humano Congress. An event in which our labor lawyers were able to discuss with all the visitors the main issues about the labor reform, one of the concerns that occupy more time in the agenda of human resources managers.

Our international mobility lawyers Javier Fernández Cuenca, Ignacio Gordillo and Patricia Ruiz explain in this webinar how to obtain residency in Spain through investment, in collaboration with the Mexican law firm Santos Elizondo

Jorge Sarazá, partner of the labor area, participates in the program Todo es Mentira of Cuatro TV to solve the doubts about the end of the masks in companies. Are the clients obliged to wear it if the employees must wear it? Can an establishment reserve the right of admission for not wearing the mask? Our labor lawyer answers these and other questions.

The end of mandatory face masks is a question mark as to how companies should deal with it. Daniel Sánchez Sellas, lawyer in the labor area, explains in Cuatro al Día that it will foreseeably be the prevention and occupational risk services that will decide in each case whether to continue using them or not.

April 20 marks the end of masks indoors. Juan Antonio Linares, a partner in the labor area, comments on Telemadrid on the legal implications and the actions of companies. Although there are opinions both for and against its withdrawal, within each company it will depend on each one to establish whether it is maintained or not.

What happens with the pensions and inheritances of the deceased in the Terranova shipwreck? Antonio Valmaña, director in the area of litigation and arbitration, answers these questions on TVE's Telediario.

Alberto Novoa, partner in the labor area and expert labor lawyer, comments in the program Cuatro al Día on a sentence in which the Public Health System is condemned to pay for the operation of a patient. Due to the seriousness and the collapse of the waiting list, the patient had to opt for private healthcare, and then sued the Cantabrian healthcare system.

What should you take into account when facing a Tax Inspection? Our specialized tax lawyers give you the main keys in case of receiving a requirement by the Administration and to be able to face it without problems.

Why should companies carry out data protection audits? We give the main keys to comply with privacy regulations, a field that is increasingly regulated and to which administrations pay more attention when it comes to intervening and sanctioning.

Is your company prepared to face a tax inspection? What should you do during the first steps? How can you avoid penalties? Here we give some keys for specialized advice to make the process easier and to obtain the best results.

Our expert commercial lawyers give the main trends in the field of M&A in Spain for this year. Digitalization, Social Governance or growth in key sectors are some of the predictions they make for 2022.

Our partners Juan Ignacio Alonso (Barcelona litigation area), José Ramón Couso (corporate director and banking law expert) and José Carlos González (commercial and insolvency area) analyze and discuss issues related to ICO loans.

Our labor experts Luis Pérez Juste and Juan José Jiménez, together with the labor inspector Ángel Allué, resolve the main doubts about the changes that the recently approved labor reform will bring to the construction sector.

Our partner Ana Gómez and labor manager Javier Reyes, review the changes of the labor reform that are generating more doubts in companies, especially those related to temporary hiring in different sectors.

Our partner and labor lawyer Alberto Novoa answers all the doubts about the legality of Covid's responsible statement in the program Cuatro al Día, regarding the saturation of primary care to manage sick leave.

Our partner and labor lawyer Jorge Sarazá answers all the labor doubts about sick leave by Covid, as well as how to manage the medical leave as dismissals and discharges in the company. Everything in the program Cuatro al Día of Cuatro TV.

We present the new corporate website of CECA MAGÁN Abogados. Find all our legal services more easily. It is designed to make it easier to find the information you need and navigation is faster and smoother.

Summary of our participation in the 8th Human Factor Congress with our labor law laboratory last October. It is one of the most important meetings for Human Resources managers and it has been the return to face-to-face events after the pandemic.

Ana Gómez, partner of the labor area, explains on TVE's Telediario the expenses derived from telecommuting. How they are compensated and what is considered as an expense generated by telecommuting. These are issues that companies are demanding more and more due to the new legislation on the subject.

Enrique Ceca, partner in the labor area, explains in Está Pasando, a television program on Telemadrid, the recent ruling on the dismissal of workers for being late for work.

Raúl Villarín, manager in the insolvency area, explains in this video the Second Chance Law and how individuals can benefit from it, whether or not they are entrepreneurs. It is a way out for those people whose debts they cannot afford.

Luis Pérez Juste, partner in the labor area, offers in this webinar a detailed analysis of the latest rulings related to labor law, specifically in the Contact Center sector. Especially, in relation to work or service contracts.

Presunción de Inocencia en despidos por acoso sexual no aplica

Sonia Pérez, labor lawyer, comments on the TVE program, La Hora de la 1, on the Starbucks case ruling on a dismissal for sexual harassment. In social lawsuits, as in this case, there is no presumption of innocence.

Aumento de las dondaciones por subida de impuestos

Javier Fernández Cuenca, partner in the tax area, comments on Cuatro al Día (minute 1:22:55) on the inheritance and donation process in Spain. Tax changes in these transactions are leading to an increase in donations.

Relación de Interinos Sobre la temporalidad de sus puestos de trabajo Luis Perez Juste

Luis Pérez Juste, a partner in the labor area, explains on TVE news the situation currently experienced by temporary workers in the public sector. They demand a system that recognizes their interim position as permanent.

Ingrid González, lawyer of the data protection area, participates in the program Fuera de Plano of RTVC, talking about the role of technology and Artificial Intelligence in the legal sector and how it helps the efficiency of the work.

The courts have paved the way for the tax authorities to carry out inspections of companies regarding the deductibility of directors' remuneration. Javier Lucas, partner of the tax department, explains how to legally prepare for these inspections.

Laura Guillén, director in the labor area, reviews the obligations in terms of Equality that companies have since the entry into force of RDLey 901/2020. She explains that the Labor Inspection is already underway to ensure strict compliance with these obligations and what the sanctions could be.

The regulations on Teleworking leave a series of obligations to the companies that must be fulfilled. It is essential to adapt to the requirements and agree with the workers the guidelines for Teleworking in the company to avoid future problems. Ana Gómez, partner of the labor area, tells these obligations.

The preparation of an Equality Plan is mandatory for companies with more than 50 employees. Depending on the size of the company, the deadlines vary, but not having one can imply financial penalties. Laura Guillén, director in the labor area, explains the differences and the importance of having expert lawyers in the process.

We analyze the obligations to carry out Equality Plans after the 901/2020 and 902/2020 regulations. Paloma Zamora, manager in the labor area, explains the legislation to be complied with; Carlos Rivas, CEO of OMD, the technical section; and Ana Ercoreca, labor inspector, the possible consequences of not doing it correctly.

Data Sharing is an advantage for the growth of companies if they know how to make the most of their data. To do so, they must comply with privacy regulations, as explained by Noemí Brito, partner in the technology law area. She explains the opportunities for companies to be able to use data with all the legal guarantees.

What happens with the penalties for breaking curfew in Castilla y León? The Supreme Court has not yet validated the time change with respect to that stipulated by the Government. María José Rovira, partner of the Public and Regulatory area, gives her opinion in CyLTV Noticias.

How to manage the generational handover in the family business? Javier Lucas, partner of the Tax area, Susana Perales, director of the Litigation and Arbitration area, and Miguel Márquez, manager of the Corporate area, give the keys to a successful succession

What is it like to work at Ceca Magán? Our youngest lawyers talk about the #EstiloCeca and their first day at the Firm. They all agree on the closeness and the good atmosphere among colleagues.

Cruz Peira de Lucas, Lawyer of the Litigation and Arbitration area, analyzes on TVE's Telediario the importance of leaving in writing the data of the people who share a lottery ticket, the number, the series and the fraction. To avoid robberies and swindles, it is recommended to justify the co-ownership of the lottery ticket in writing.

This year we have earned the RIGHT TO DREAM. Therefore, this Christmas we ask that 2021 comes loaded with work, health and happiness for everyone. The Ceca Magán Team wishes you Happy Holidays!

In view of the increasing pressure on companies to act in an environmentally responsible manner, Mª José Rovira, Public and Regulatory Law Partner, analyzes the suitability of having a sustainable environmental protocol.

José Luis Martínez Andreo, Partner of the Corporate Area, analyzes in this audiovisual pill the possible causes and conflicts that can occur in a company when there are disagreements between the partners and they wish to initiate the process of separation of the company.

Insolvency proceedings are emerging as a solution to companies' lack of liquidity. As Manuela Serrano, Partner of Insolvency & Restructuring, points out, it is a judicial procedure through which the debtor can overcome its insolvency situation.

After the entry into force of the RD-laws 901/2020 and 902/2020 on the regulation of Equality Plans, we analyze in this webinar to which companies it applies, what are the requirements to be met and the minimum content that these plans must have.

What is a dismissal of a senior manager and what is the procedure to carry it out? Our director of the Labor Department, Blanca Mercado, tells in this video all the keys that companies should know when faced with the dismissal of a senior executive.

After the entry into force of the RD Law 30/2020, we analyze with Jorge Sarazá, Partner of the labor area, how the new extension of the ERTE until January 2021 affects companies and what are the new variants of the same.

Following the publication of RD Law 28/2020, Ana Gómez and Alberto Novoa, partners in the labor area, analyze how to manage the implementation of telecommuting in companies and how to manage the change and possible solutions to possible conflicts.

Enrique Ceca, managing partner of the labor area at Ceca Magán Abogados, analyzes in this video the keys to collective dismissal in companies. What does this procedure consist of? What measures should companies take during its processing? We analyze it.

Parents with children in quarantine and PCR negative will not be able to take sick leave. This was recently announced by the Minister of Finance and Government Spokesperson, María Jesús Montero. Jorge Sarazá evaluates this announcement in the program 'En Jake', of ETB 2.

With the return to school, there are many doubts that assail parents. One of the most important: Will they be able to take sick leave in case their child catches Covid-19? Jorge Sarazá, Partner of the labor area, answers in the program '120 minutes' of Telemadrid.

The increase in teleworking is also causing an increase in the so-called 'teledespido'. In statements to TVE's Telediario, our colleague Alberto Novoa, Partner of the labor area, analyzes this practice that, although legal in other countries, is not valid in Spain.

Following the new ERTE regulations, approved at the end of June and extended until September 30, we will analyze what they consist of, their conditions and exemptions, as well as the current economic and social context for HR management of workforces.

The increase in teleworking is also causing an increase in the so-called 'distance dismissal'. In statements to TVE's Telediario, our colleague Alberto Novoa, Partner of the labor area, analyzes this practice that, although legal in other countries, is not valid in Spain.

As a consequence of the COVID-19 crisis, a foreseeable tax increase is expected, which will affect the Spanish business fabric as a whole; an area in which Family Businesses have a great weight. Javier Lucas, managing partner of the tax area, analyzes the challenges they will have to face.

During the State of Alarm, more than one million sanctions were imposed for non-compliance with the measures established during this period. However, most of them have not been processed due to lack of legal basis. María José Rovira analyzes this issue in La Sexta Noticias.

In this webinar, Alberto Novoa and Guillermo Barrios, members of the labor area, analyze the new regulation on ERTEs approved last June 27 in RD-Law 27/2020, which affects the date foreseen for the termination of ERTEs due to force majeure, which is extended until September 30, 2020.

Despite the debate generated around the advantages and disadvantages of teleworking, there is a question that divides many: should the company assume the costs associated with this modality of work such as Internet connection or computer equipment? Jorge Sarazá answers in the program 'Está Pasando' of Telemadrid.

With the State of Alarm about to end, it is still unclear what will happen with the thousands of sanctions that have been imposed for breaking the rules during the confinement. María José Rovira, Public and Regulatory Law Partner, addresses this issue on Radio Televisión de Castilla y León.

Can a restaurant require its customers to take the Coronavirus test as a requirement for making a reservation? In declarations to TVE, Noemí Brito points out that "it can be absolutely disproportionate, and can generate a discriminatory treatment and defenselessness in the users. And in that sense, it would be reportable".

In this webinar, Alberto Novoa and Guillermo Barrios, members of the labor area of our firm, analyze the consequences of the ERTE of force majeure, total and partial, as well as the duties linked to the maintenance of employment after the progressive re-activation of the economic activity of Spanish companies after COVID-19.

After the start of the de-escalation phases, questions arise regarding the extension of Force Majeure ERTEs and their possible transition to an ERTE for ETOP causes; the benefits of the Mutual Insurance Companies for workers in ERTEs; and the prohibition of objective dismissals for employees and extraordinary termination benefits for the self-employed.

This webinar analyzed the investigations initiated by the Public Prosecutor's Office and the possible scenarios of legal liability: civil, criminal or administrative, which may be faced in the immediate future by companies owning nursing homes. The session was given by Adrián Dupuy, partner and Director of the litigation department.

Noemí Brito, Partner co-responsible for the Technology, Innovation and Digital Economy area, takes part in the report 'Enemigo Equivocado' of RTVC to analyze how new technologies and an adequate treatment of privacy and data protection contribute to the fight against the coronavirus.

In this webinar, Alberto Novoa, partner of the labor area of Ceca Magán Abogados, discusses the casuistry derived from the end of the State of Alarm, as well as the termination of the ERTE due to force majeure and its necessary conversion into an ERTE due to economic, technical, organizational and productive causes (ETOP).

In this webinar in which Alberto Novoa, partner of the labor area of our firm, participates, answers to the 30 key questions about the ERTEs that these days worry the managers of Spanish companies in view of the Coronavirus pandemic and the declaration of the State of Alarm in Spain.

This webinar analyzes, through 30 key issues in labor matters, the latest RD Law. It answers doubts about ERTE, recoverable paid leave, telework conditions, vacation management, dismissals and temporary workers, among other matters.

As a consequence of the current health crisis caused by COVID-19, more than 33,000 companies have already requested the implementation of ERTES in Spain. In statements to La Sexta Noticias, Enrique Ceca, Partner of the labor area of Ceca Magán Abogados, analyzes in which cases these procedures are justified.

Manuel Fernández-Fontecha, partner of the labor area of Ceca Magán Abogados, takes part in the program 'Está Pasando' of Telemadrid to analyze the consequences of the repeal of article 52 d) of the Workers' Statute, which protected dismissal for justified medical leave.

Puy Abril, a lawyer in the area of labor law, takes part in the news program TeleNoticias de Telemadrid, to analyze the consequences of the entry into force of the Royal Decree that regulates the mandatory time registration of the working day

Once again, given our collaboration with Business Insider Spain, we have addressed a labor issue that concerns, and much, to companies in Spain, such as the implementation of the daily record of the working day.

Emilio Gude: "Humanity, people, companionship and generosity are values that are lived on a daily basis at Ceca Magán. And all surrounded by a special circumstance, which is the ENTHUSIASM with which our team is involved in the matters entrusted to them".