Ramón Mesonero-Romanos Fernández

Ramón Mesonero-Romanos, data protection and digital law lawyer in CECA MAGÁN Abogados Ramón Mesonero-Romanos Fernández Partner

"Don't tell the customer what he wants to hear, side with him"

Partner and co-head of the Technology and Business Development Department. Lawyer specialized in business efficiency projects with a clear focus on business development on the basis of the existing regulatory limits. Having a business approach adds a differentiating element to his work as a lawyer, which is to understand and grasp the needs of clients from a business perspective, but thinking outside the box in terms of working with the restrictive limits of the regulatory environment.

Areas of expertise


  • Business Development
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Legal advice in the technology field


Years of experience

  • Over 20 years

Teaching Experience

  • Co-director of the Master's Degree in Digital Law, Innovation and Technologies of the Madrid Bar Association.
  • Professor at the European Business School

Academic Education

  • University San Pablo CEU - Law degree.                                          
  • Instituto de Empresa - Master of Laws (LLM)                                                                                          
  • ICADE - Master's in Information Technology and Communications                
  • Escuela Europea de Negocio - MBA 


  • Spanish
  • English


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