Legal advice for the Public Administration

Labor lawyers for the public sector

  • Labor lawyers for the public sector.
  • Interim employees in fraud of law and long term.
  • Stabilization and consolidation processes for temporary employment.
  • Issues related to public employment offerings.
  • Administrative and labor hiring.
  • Collective bargaining and job descriptions (RPT).
  • Employment regulation proceedings.
  • Management and advice on the termination of the employment relationship in the Public Administration.
  • Outsourcing of public administration services.
  • Company succession phenomena.
  • Guards, rotating shifts and overtime of civil servants.
  • Challenges.

Recruitment and civil service

  • Administrative lawyers specialized in Public Employment and Civil Service, civil servant, statutory and labor personnel. 
  • Procedures for entry into the administrative career.
  • Procedures for the transfer of civil servants (within the same Administration or between different Public Administrations).
  • Selective and dismissal procedures for freely appointed personnel.
  • Professional career of civil servants, statutory and interim personnel. 
  • Problems related to the rest regime of public employees.
  • Incompatibilities of personnel in the service of the Public Administration.
  • Sanctioning procedures.

e-Government consulting

  • Open government: transparency.
  • Data protection compliance in government procurement.
  • Access to public information and infomediary sector.
  • E-government.
  • Citizen participation platforms.
  • Drafting of specifications with digital impact.
  • Adequacy and consultancy for certification in the National Security Scheme (ENS).
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José María Ciruelos Gallego José María Ciruelos Gallego director and lawyer of public and regulatory law
José María Ciruelos Gallego

José María Ciruelos Gallego

Administrative Law and Regulated Sector Area Director