Ceca Magán’s labour law department is one of the most prominent in this field in our country, being once again recognized in 2020 by the national newspaper EXPANSIÓN. The law firm has also been internationally acknowledged by the prestigious directories, Chambers&Partners and Legal500 which have ranked the company for this category again this year. The department counts with more than 35 labour law experts and is led by Enrique Ceca. The team has successfully managed to deal with more than 2,290 issues and 1,261 clients in 2020.

Specialty Areas

Labor relations:

  • Remuneration and compensation systems.
  • Current case law.
  • Temporary employment agencies.
  • Equiality and training plans.
  • Holidays.
  • Legal guardianship.
  • Workday check-in.

Corporate restructurings:

  • Collective dismissals.
  • Work Furloug and reduction of working hours.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Substantial changes to work conditions.
  • Geographic mobility.
  • Funtional mobility.
  • Company succesion.

Employment contracts and collective bargaining:

  • Negotiation and preparation of general employment contracts.
  • Non-compete and exclusivity agreements.

Senior executives:

  • Preparation of contracts.
  • Golden parachute and non-compete clausules.
  • Termination.

Collective bargaining and union affairs:

  • Preparation, negotiation and implementation of Company Collective Agreements.
  • Collective covenants and arrangements .
  • Strikes and lockouts.

Special labor relations:

  • Professional athletes.
  • Artists.

Termination of the employment relationship and disciplinary codes:

  • Objective dismissals.
  • Disciplinary dismissals.
  • Termination of temporary contracts.
  • Labor of disciplinary code planning.

Social Security and Ocuppational Risk Prevention:

  • Accidents at work and occupational illnesees.
  • Temporary disability.
  • Permanent disability.
  • Infringement and clearance proceedings.
  • Preparation and occupational risk prevention plans.


  • Proceedings before the Work Inspection Agency and Social Security.
  • Document preparation: settlements, suits.
  • Legal representation at court and appeals.

Legal Audits:

  • Assesments and analysis of HR structure.
  • Registration and preventive advice.
  • Continuous legal counsel adapted to each company´s characteristics and circumstances.

International mobility and expats:

Our advisory services in matters related to International Mobility and Expats are mainly intended for multinational companies with the aim of helping them to manage their employees in international assignments, i.e. in relocations to Spain or to a third country.

The internationalization of Spanish companies implies that the relocation of their employees is becoming more and more frequent and poses multiple challenges for the HR Departments. We have a network of lawyers specialized in labour and tax matters to offer specific solutions.  We also provide international coverage through our international alliances, which enable us to be present in more than 150 countries and offer a network of professionals specialized in the management of expat-related issues worldwide. The following are some of our services:

  • Golden Visa in Spain: Investment Residency / Investor Visa
  • Preparation of employee relocation policies
  • Social Security procedures and formalities for expats
  • Analysis of international legislation at destination
  • Outsourcing of procedures and formalities related to employee mobility

When an employee is relocated to Spain or to a third country, it’s essential to take into account the tax implications that the transfer may bring about, in order to avoid, among other things, double taxation.  Our firm has experts in tax field that will be able to advise you.


Ceca Magán Abogados is one of the top 5 Labor Law Firms in Spain according to the newspaper Expansión. Would you like to know why? Contact us.

Special Coronavirus

Guide: “Coronavirus with regards to ERTES”

Labour Law matters regarding Royal Decree 8/2020, of 17-3 (BOE 18-3-20)

Does the law provide for exceptional measures in the area of extinctive collective dismissals? Does the rule override existing regulations in this regard? To which ERTES does the Royal Decree apply?

We analyze the main issues regarding ERTES after Royal Decree 8/2020 in this updated guide prepared by the labour law area of our Law Firm.

Guide: “Coronavirus: Teleworking and Family Conciliation”

First LABOUR LAW issues after the Royal Decree 8/2020, from the 17th March (BOE 18-3-20)

Does the Royal Decree establish any specific provisions regarding how to implement teleworking in the company from a labour law perspective? Is it possible to request the adaptation of the working day due to the coronavirus health crisis? Can people apply for this adjustment on their own?

We analyze the main issues on teleworking and family conciliation after Royal Decree 8/2020 in this comprehensive guide prepared by the experts in the labour area of ​​our Law Firm.


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