The team in our Tax Law Department is highly experienced, both in public and private affairs. We provide tax advice to individuals and corporations.

  • Individuals
    • Advice on planning Personal Income Tax, Wealth Tax and Inheritance Tax in order to minimize the tax burden respecting the current legislation.
    • Tax advice for expatriate and foreign workers.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
    • Legal counsel for planning corporate restructuring processes (mergers, demergers, transfers of assets and exchanges of securities).
    • Transfers and acquisitions of companies which involve the lowest tax cost possible.
  • Corporate
    • Advice and planning for Corporate Income Tax.
    • Advice and planning for Value Added Tax.
    • Withholdings of Personal Income Tax, Tax on Asset Transfers and Documented Legal Acts, Non-residents Income Tax, etc.
  • Family businesses
    • Advice and planning for generational change-over adopting measures to facilitate the process and to minimize the cost of business successions.
    • Analyze and counsel on remuneration policies affecting family members participating in the management of the business and of those only holding stock.
    • Family protocols.
  • Business collaboration
    • Tax advice for the different business collaboration systems such as Economic Interest Groups, European Economic Interest Groups and Temporary Joint Ventures.
  • International Tax
    • Advice on international investment structures to optimize the finance of investees (whether via equity or debt).
    • Profit repatriation.
    • Tax advice on international business growth.
  • Tax proceedings
    • Advice and client representation before the different bodies of the Tax and Court Administration (Tax Agency, whether state, regional or local).
    • Tax Auditors; Economic and Administrative Courts and Courts of Justice.

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Ceca Magán Abogados can help you optimize your tax position to achieve the highest yields from your assets. We involve other departments of the firm, such as the Commercial department, to deliver substantial results.