Jesús Rubiño Gómez - Mercantil y M&A


Jesús Rubiño has been developing his career on Corporate Law and M&A practices, he has collaborated on legal advising for national corporation´s issues, as well as regional (Andalusian) family business. In addition, he has often taken part of multilateral legal teams around cross-border transactions, which have permitted him to develop an extensive law and best friend´s network all around Europe and Latam, for both out-bound (Spanish companies for internationalization) and in-bound (foreign investments in Spain).

He is  Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the University of Granada.

During his more than six-year experience, he has worked as manager for Corporate Law Practice at a M&A boutique in Malaga (Costa del Sol), where he is currently an attorney at Law at Illustrious Malaga Bar Association.

He assisted on different National Law Seminar focused on Corporate Law (Spanish National Corporate Law Summit from first edition, etc.), moreover he participated on Money Laundry Prevention seminars.