We have an expert team in Public and Regulatory Law with extensive experience in advising a wide range of clients, from Public administrations and entities, to private funds and companies, international and national, representing the main sectors of the Iberian industrial fabric.

Specialty Areas

  • Private Sector:
    • Advice to the private sector in its relations with public entities and authorities regarding permits, licenses, authorizations and concessions for the use of public domain goods; disciplinary records and financial fines; administrative and contentious-administrative appeals before the courts, as well as Public authority’s liability and expropriation—compulsory purchase/eminent domain—.
  • Public Administrations and Public Entities:
    • Advice to Public Administrations and Public Entities on matters related to public services, the organization and function of public bodies, including public companies, and the management formulas of public-private partnerships.
  • Sustainable and climate change:
    • Legal assistance and support to the different Administrations and public Entities in the integration of sustainability criteria in: public procurement; its Policies and Action Plans; specific sectors such as mobility or waste management; ask for funds (Green Deal).
    • Support to the industrial, energy and air sectors in the regulation of the Emissions Trading System, including the preparation of reports, collaboration contracts and CO2e compensation projects; ERPA; and legal assistance in all types of administrative procedures, including disciplinary and contentious-administrative.
    • Advise large companies in their transition towards decarbonization in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement and those of community and national regulations. Drafting of Sustainability Policies, integration of ESG in its decisions and actions, and Non-Financial Reports.
    • Advice to Financial Agents and Insurers in the decarbonization of their Portfolios and in the transition to a low carbon economy in relation to their financial products.
    • Sustainability Strategy that includes financial advice for SMEs: Environmental Sustainability Protocol.
    • Capacity building and training through the organization of courses, seminars, etc.
  • Public Procurement:
    • Legal advice to Public Administrations and Public Entities, drafting tender specifications, public biddings, award and execution of contracts, as well as planning and organization of public-private models of management and their financing regime -tolls, fees-.
    • Legal advice to Private Entities, assisting in the different stages of the bidding process, and the drafting and execution of the contract subject to tender.
  • Infrastructure:
    • Water and waste; roads; railways; airports; ports; hospitals; building and civil works.
  • Regulated sectors:
    • Energy (electricity, gas, hydrocarbons); life science; biocides and chemicals; gambling; food and agriculture; etc.
  • Environmental:
    • Water Sector: Water use: water consumption, industrial discharges, irrigation, or leisure; hydraulic desalination infrastructures and sewage treatment plants; dams or hydropower; planning and delivery of the supply and sanitation service.
    • Industrial Environment: Environmental permits, authorizations and concessions; emission standards and noise; generation and management of waste and legalization of wastewater discharges; CO2e emission reduction projects and other measures against climate change; European Union Emission Trading System; non-financial reporting; climate finance; energy efficiency- audits.
    • Waste Sector: legal advice according the type of waste (municipal waste, household waste, commercial and industrial waste; hazardous waste) or by waste streams (food and kitchen waste, construction and demolition waste, sanitary waste, waste fishing gear, tobacco product filter). Single use plastic products. Packaging and packaging waste. Extended Produced Responsibility. Taxation and legislation related to waste management. Transboundary and domestic shipments of waste.
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Comparative Study: “Waste shipments in the EU/EEA”

In this comparative study compiled different legal national requirements impose on professional waste transporters for shipments within Europe. Divergences in these legislations have serious consequences, including penalties

With this guide made for our expert lawyers in public and regulatory law, we help to identify these requirements.

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