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Obtaining residence for investment in Spain

How to get Golden Visa to obtain the residence by investment in Spain? What legal process must be followed for International Mobility of workers? As a reference firm in Labor Law and expert lawyers in Golden Visa and International Mobility, we offer a comprehensive multidisciplinary advisory legal service. We provide legal support in the labor and tax field for obtaining a Golden Visa and the investor residence visa

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Our Labor Lawyers will advice you about Golden Visa and International Mobility 


Advice to investors for obtaining the Golden Visa residency in Spain.


Tax advice for the residence of investors in Spain.


Processing of residence visa for investors and family members.


Obtaining golden visa in less than two months when the investment is already made.

Frequently asked questions and answers about obtaining the Golden Visa and residency for investment in Spain

Golden Visa is a route aimed at investors and their families, to enable them to enter and/or stay in Spain through an agile and quick procedure before a single authority.

By obtaining the Golden Visa, the investor may:

  • Live and work in Spain
  • Keep and renew this visa, with just a single entry into Spanish territory required
  • Renew indefinitely as long as the investment is maintained can get a residency permit in Spain
  • Obtain a fully legal second passport
  • Obtain Spanish nationality through Residency

La Golden Visa can be applied for by anyone who meets any of these requirements:

  • Investment at least € 2M in public debt or financial assets
  • Purchase of real state property requiring an investment of over €500,000
  • Investment at least € 1M in bank deposits or shares of Spanish Banks and companies
  • Undertaking business projects in Spain

Family members of the investor may also obtain residency for investment in Spain: spouse or unmarried partner, children under the age of 18 or those of legal age who are financially dependent, and dependent ascendants.

Golden Visa takes 10 working days. Residence for investment takes 20 working days.

Through specialized lawyers who are in charge of submitting the documentation to any of the competent administrations: the consulate, the embassy or the Large Companies Unit.

The lawyers specialized in obtaining Golden Visa and residence by investment know the details of the procedure. They also make a personalized study of the investment to be made and assessment of its viability in order to advise the investor in the best possible way. They present the application, replying to requests and additional documentation requirements that may be needed, saving the investor time and inconveniences.

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We are team players, with lawyers specialized in Labor Law and Tax Law to guarantee the best legal advice possible in International Mobility and obtaining residence for investors.

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