Our Firm is at the forefront of counseling services related to New Technologies and Intellectual Property. We provide a comprehensive service: from the detection of errors or shortcomings, to counseling and implementation plans, to rectification and periodic follow up.

  • Data protection
    • Consultancy services to adapt to Data Protection regulations and compliance audit
    • In-company training
    • Draft IT Tools Policy, compliance manuals for data flow or communication at national level
    • Binding corporate rules for cross-border actions
    • Application, verification and implementation of security measures, legal defense against claims, suits and sanctions issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) and appeals
  • E-commerce and distance sales
    • Legal advice for planning, preparing and executing business transactions in a digital environment
    • Preventive and corrective legal support regarding the Spanish Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Act (LSSI), adaptation of the corporate website to current legislation; spam
    • Website audits; review, design and adapt to e-procurement requirements
    • Consumer and user protection
    • Due diligence for General Terms & Conditions of Use and Contract
    • Procedural manuals for returns, cancellations, duty of disclosure and legal guarantees
    • Legal defense in consumer matters
    • Expert opinions on the use and impact of Social Media
  • Start Ups
    • Comprehensive legal advice to increase business project viability
    • Preventive legal support in the creation and consolidation stages
    • Compliance audit of development and expansion stages
    • Responsibility and obligation scheme; policies for company viability, planning and management
    • Investor relations and investment policy
    • Tax impact and tax management policy
    • Preparation of related contracts
    • Remuneration policy


New Technologies have brought about new legal challenges, such as Intellectual Property Rights, Industrial Property Rights, Start-up Tax issues, the most commercial aspects of these structures, etc. Ceca Magán Abogados has a specialized department devoted to being at the forefront with regards to all issues related to New Technologies. Please do not hesitate to contact our department to learn how we can help you.

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