The firm is at the forefront of legal advisory services related to digital law, with expert lawyers in the digital economy and in current issues such as data protection, cybersecurity, e-commerce, data sharing and big data. We offer a comprehensive service, ranging from identifying flaws or deficiencies, to providing advisory and implementation services, as well as regular maintenance and remediation measures.

From a legal stance, new technologies pose challenges and raise queries: the use of Artificial Intelligence, taxation of digital assets, disclosure and securitization of blockchain and cryptocurrencies… a changing universe with a lengthy road ahead in the legal arena. That is why you should rely on lawyers who specialize in data protection and are able to advise you on the best practices for conducting your activity in the digital environment.

Digital law and new technologies

  • Experts in Data Protection and Privacy issues
    • Consultancy on “Smart Data Protection Compliance” projects, GDPR and regulations according to the company’s industry and activity.
    • Use of corporate databases that contain personal data, appropriate exploitability, data sharing and legal limits.
    • Adaptation of company policies in digital matters in compliance with the new European regulations.
    • Information Classification Protocols and associated Security Policies, Privacy by Design & Default
    • Legal support in the secure notification of security incidents involving personal data. Adapted models for the proper management and monitoring of data storage.
    • Development of Personal Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA).
    • Regulatory compliance, legal and security audits on Digital Law and Data Protection matters.
    • Training for companies by lawyers specialized in Data Protection and cybersecurity for companies.
    • Legal management of crises, sanctions and emergency situations arising from actions in the digital environment.
  • Algorithmic business and artificial intelligence (AI) 
    • Algorithmic legal design projects (implementation of applicable principles of legal AI and ethical AI in technologies, services and emerging products).
    • Outsourced services Ethics Officer (EO) & Data Ethics Officer (DEO).
    • Assessment and algorithmic auditing services.
  • Tokenization of assets and blockchain
    • Examination and legal design of Blockchain projects.
    • Projects on Tokenization of Assets.
    • Analysis of the legal nature of digital assets (cryptocurrency or tokens) to be created or issued.
    • Drafting or, where appropriate, reviewing legal aspects of the ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). White papers.
  • Legal advisory related to Data Sharing and Big Data
    • B2B Data Sharing projects (projects for sharing and legitimate exploitation of corporate information between companies).
    • Open Data, B2G, G2B, RISP projects (Access and reuse of Public Sector Information: processes of access, guarantees, legal analysis, conditions of access and reuse, requests and information).
    • Legal projects associated to the IoT (Internet of Things).
    • Advice and assistance in processes of anonymization and securization of personal information to promote its free movement and processing.
    • Legal support for the development of Big Data projects.
  • Ecommerce and online sales policy
    • Drafting and/or review of legal texts: legal disclaimer, privacy policy and cookies policy.
    • Drafting and/or review of the terms and conditions of sale.
    • Legal advice on consumer legislation and consumer rights (cancellations, labelling, returns policy, etc.).
    • Advice on agreements with technology suppliers.
    • Legal assistance in the event of the opening of disciplinary proceedings by the Secretary of State for the Information Society and the Digital Agenda or the corresponding competent regional and local bodies, as well as by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.
  • E-government 
    • Open Government and Transparency.
    • Compliance with Data Protection in Public Procurement.
    • Access to Public Information and Infomediary Sector.
    • Electronic Administration.
    • Citizen Participation Platforms.
    • Drafting of specifications with digital impact.
    • Adaptation to National Security Framework (or ENS for its Spanish acronym).


Our lawyers specialized in Data Protection and Digital Law are at the cutting edge of regulations related to New Technologies and the challenges that these may pose for companies. To implement digital compliance correctly, in terms of the use of personal data, cybersecurity, digital economy, etc., you should rely on trustworthy specialized teams such as ours.

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