Our experience

At Ceca Magán we have extensive experience in legal advice related to the insurance sector. Advising important national and foreign insurance companies. Our comprehensive service brings together professionals from various departments around this specialty, such as procedural, corporate, labour, tax, litigation and arbitration.

Procedural area services:

  • Defense of the company and/or the insured person against third parties, as well as of the company against its insured person.
  • Advice on claims, coverages and reservations.
  • Advice on agreements at any stage of the case.
  • Claims for recovery (fires, theft, fraud of the insured, etc.).
  • Extrajudicial negotiations and assistance in conciliation.
  • Updated information on all legal proceedings in the matter and advice on the important aspects of a modification of the reservation.
  • Legal reports on coverage or liability to assist the company’s decisions (whether or not to pay, how much to pay or whether the matter should be prosecuted).
  • Supervision of all expert reports prior to their submission to the Court, managing any necessary amendments.


When we talk about insurance, you can be sure we know what we’re talking about. Our experience is our guarantee. Do you want to know why important national and foreign insurers trust us? It’s easy. Call us.

Area Manager