Our specialization

In Ceca Magán we have a strong specialization in relation to the legal advice adapted to the family business. Many companies come to the office in order to arm themselves against the different inconveniences and legal problems that take place within an organization made up of a family group.

Our transversal approach allows us to assign work groups to the different client companies, providing them with an integral vision in mercantile and corporate matters – labour – tax – civil procedural matters and in matters of new technologies.

Scope of our legal services for family businesses:

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Special features of the taxation of family businesses and business families:

  • Taxation related to the ownership of the company: Wealth Tax and Personal Income Tax (dividends and capital gains)
  • Taxation linked to the generational succession of the family business
    • Inter vivos succession
    • Succession mortis causa
  • Taxation linked to the management of the family business: Personal Income Tax (remuneration of work depending on the nature of the relationship) and Corporation Tax (deductibility of the expenses corresponding to the remuneration).


Special features and aspects to be taken into consideration in the family business from the corporate point of view

  • The family protocol vs. Parasocial Agreements. Guidelines for establishing a relationship framework that governs the operation and professional and family relationships in the company
  • Analysis and review of governing bodies. Differentiation between family council and board of directors
  • Preparation for the entry of new investors in the family business




Special features of the family business and its effects from a work perspective:

  • Framing in Social Security
  • Excluded labour relations
  • Possible existence of mercantile relations or of high direction with ignorance of the parts.
  • Contractual clauses
  • Group of companies risk
  • Other labor issues directly related to the family business


Aspects concerning the family business from the procedural/civil area:

  • Succession planning
  • Suitable matrimonial economic regimes (matrimonial Capitulations)
  • Premarital agreements
  • Preventive powers as a solution to disability procedures
  • Right of separation of partners


  • AI (artificial intelligence), blockchain, etc.
  • Solutions for legitimate exploitation of corporate information (personal and non-personal): Legal Data Value services (privacy, free circulation of information, Big Data, etc.).
  • Digital protocols and good practices 4.0 (Digital Compliance Services): corporate governance, managers, workers, employees and suppliers.
  • Legal protection of intangible assets in the company. Development of protocols and roadmaps to guarantee business secrets, commercial know-how, intellectual and industrial property.
  • Digital business: recommendations and legal criteria in international expansion processes with support in new technologies.



Our strong specialization in relation to legal advice adapted to family business allows us to provide a comprehensive vision and a cross-sectional service in commercial and corporate, labor, tax, procedural, civil and new technology. Do not hesitate. Trust us. Call us.

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