Our Real Estate and Urban Planning Department provides multidisciplinary advice, as all other areas within our firm become involved in rendering the best service: mortgage, property tax, procedural, insolvency, urban and general and sector urban planning are all major legal practice areas related to the sector.

We provide solutions in complex transactions, therefore leveraging difficulties to create business opportunities.


  • Expansion.- Comprehesive advice. Urban planning, contract and register structure for retail, wind, business and logistic parks, department stores, hotels, leisure facilities and restaurants.
  • Banking sector.- Investment, divestment, restructuring and recovery regarding asset portfolios and/or individual assets within the banking sector.
  • Due Diligence.- Registry and cadastral review and regularization, property tax, identification of potential optimization of property profitability.
  • Ad hoc legal, registry and tax structures.- According to the unique nature of the asset and/or transaction: propter rem obligations, ob rem ties, overhang, underground and above ground building rights; phase prior to the construction of a commonhold property, co-owned property (“comuniad valenciana”), purpose restrictions; etc.
  • Building complexes.- Construction and management of building complexes for shopping centers, owners’ associations, etc.
  • Any real estate transaction.- Transfer and acquisition of real estate property and or in rem rights over private and public immovable assets; lease; sale and lease-back, etc. Construction, engineering and/or project management contracts, transfer of urban use, etc.

urban planning law

  • Planning instruments.- General and development instruments. Special Infrastructure Plans.
  • Comprehensive urban development.- Preparation and processing of development instruments or, if applicable, of the proposed change thereto to obtain or adapt urban planning to the specific plot requirements (urban class and rate and any other applicable urban parameters).
  • Urban management.- Equal distribution and ancillary legal transactions. Urban planning projects. Planning and management agreements. Issues related to allocation of land plots in compensation boards.
  • Expropriation procedures.- Following to the joint appraisal system; individual expropriation cases.
  • Collaborating urban development entities.- Compensation boards and other collaborating administrative associations: creation, registration and secretary role within the entity.
  • Planning permission and sector authorization.-Building permit, operating permit, opening permit, first use permit, occupancy certificate, trading permit, permits related to the tourist (hotels, holiday and/or tourist apartments, apartment-hotels), industrial and renewable energy sectors, etc.
  • Urban regularization.- (i) Buildings outside devepable land and/or non-complying size; (ii) sanction proceedings and/or proceedings fo the protection of urban legality.
  • Legal guidance in administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings.- All matters of administrative law.

Area Managers


Our Real Estate and Urban Planning Department has an extensive experience within the Real Estate and Urban Planning Law, which allow us to give real added value to our client’s operations. For further information, do not hesitate to contact us!