Ceca Magán Abogados is a member of different international legal alliances of the highest quality and excellence, as the only representative in Spain. Through these networks, we provide our clients with presence in more than 150 jurisdictions around the world, and with more than 20.000 lawyers, dedicated to offer the best service and legal support.

Thanks to its international presence, Ceca Magán offers a high quality worldwide coverage, which allows the firm to offer legal services with real guarantees of knowledge of domestic markets, and to provide businesses with the legal safety required to overcome any unforeseen event, allowing them to develop the business opportunities that arise in a highly globalized world.

Likewise, the Firm works as a connection for the establishment and development of foreign investments in our country, maintaining the level of quality, attention and flexibility of our international partners, and becoming a reference for many multinational companies.


Ceca Magán Abogados is part of the international alliance First Law International – FLI – as its only representative in Spain. FLI is currently one of the most recognized legal alliances at the international level, as well as one of the most demanding and with the highest standards of entry for law firms. FLI has a presence in over 100 jurisdictions across Europe, the United States, South America, Asia, Australia and the Pacific, Africa and the Middle East; it has more than 15,000 lawyers, whose objective is to provide clients with the best service and legal support, while taking into account that each matter is unique and that each country has its own idiosyncrasy. FLI always works under a single order, and applies its philosophy:

  • One contact: FLI
  • One order form
  • A single standardized service
  • A combined fee between all regions involved
  • A platform for monitoring
  • A bill

Thanks to our membership in this prestigious alliance of international lawyers, at CECA MAGÁN we offer quality worldwide coverage through its more than 100 members present in many countries around the world, providing our clients with international service of high quality, and with an extensive knowledge of the legal peculiarities of each country or region.

For more information about First Law International, click here.


Since 2008, our firm belongs to the prestigious international network of independent law firms Cicero League of International Lawyers, which includes over 40 firms specialized in business law sectors, over 500 lawyers and is present in the 5 continents.

The careful selection and monitoring process of the network’s member firms, by which only one member firm is accepted per jurisdiction (except in the United States), is a guarantee of quality to our clients and allows us to have access to jurisdictions that are traditionally more opaque or complex, such as China, India, Russia or Switzerland, as well as to have solid partners in strategic jurisdictions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France or Germany, among others. At the fiscal level, our partners also support us in key jurisdictions such as Luxembourg, Cape Verde or Ireland.

For more information, visit the Cicero League of International Lawyers website here.

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CECA MAGÁN has the privilege of having been selected to be part of the Linee Network since 2020 (Lawyers International Network for Executives and Employees) as the only representative of the country.

This network, in which a law firm can only participate if it has a well-established expertise in the representation of executives and professionals in multinational labor contexts, has considered our Firm to be an outstanding Labor Law Firm with an extensive recognition in the area and, therefore, worthy of entering the network. Linee is made up of members from the most important world jurisdictions such as the United States and Hong Kong as well as from other European countries, which enables us to offer our clients real possibilities of business development abroad, with all the legal guarantees that this entails.

You can find more information about Linee Network on its website here.

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