One of the firms with most growth in turnover

Ceca Magán is one of the firms with most growth in turnover in 2020, as Iberian Lawyer highlights in its ranking as part of the last magazine.

The increase in turnover of Ceca Magán Abogados in 2020 is 29%, placing the firm as one with the most growth last year. It’s in the Top 10 of offices with the best percentage. Esteban Ceca, managing partner of the firm, comments: “These figures are an important collective success, they make us feel especially proud of having been able to retain all its human talent and practically all of our client portfolio in a year as complex as the 2020. […] The keys to staying and improving in the last year have been the agility in responding to the constant legislative developments that have been happening, the support and permanent attention almost 24 hours to the clients before the doubts that week by week they were emerging “.

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