Ceca Magán increases 30% more in 2020

Iberian Lawyer publishes the firm’s growth data. Ceca Magán increases 30% in 2020 its turnover in a year that stands out for its complex situation.

Esteban Ceca, managing partner of the firm points these data to the agility of the lawyers: “The cornerstones to being able not just to maintain our activity but actually improve this past year have been the swift response to the constant legislative changes taking place, our permanent support and customer service (we are available almost 24 hours a day) to clients who needed answers for the numerous queries that came up week after week, and of course, always offering competitive rates within the market,”.

Ceca’s 30% increased is partly thanks to th area that has grown the most in recent months: labor law, with an increase of 47.6%. And, as Esteban Ceca declared: “these figures are an important team success, we are especially proud for having been able to retain all of our human talent and virtually all of our client portfolio.”

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Published: 08/03/2021