• Criminal Law:
    Offences against life, sexual offences, offences against workers’ rights, honor crimes and privacy offences, gender-based violence crimes, crimes against Public Administration.
  • International Criminal Law:
    European extradition and arrest warrants. Crimes against persons and economic crimes.
  • Corporate Crimes:
    This practice intends to settle under criminal law situations occurring within companies as a consequence of practices involving the fraudulent administration of company assets, false accounting records or any other corporate documents that provide a distorted image of the company, imposing abusive clauses on the minority, adopting agreements by fictitious majority and denying their rights to shareholders.
  • Crimes related to corruption:
    In this area, we defend the client during investigation and in-court procedures related to bribery, influence peddling, corruption in international transactions and to the recently introduced crime, corruption between individuals.


  • Property crimes, such as fraud, misappropriation, insolvency offenses.
  • Fraudulent management, false accounting.
  • Crimes against honor and invasion of privacy.
  • Computer-aided crimes such as disclosure of company secrets, attacks to corporate image via internet.
  • Crimes against the public treasury.
  • International economic crimes.
  • Design and implementation of criminal prevention plans for companies.
  • Investigation of criminal offenses committed within the company.
  • Alteration of prices in public tendering.


  1. Criminal compliance implementation stages:
  • Analyze and identify criminal risks.
  • Propose controls to mitigate the likelihood of an avoidable risk.
  • Draft an action plan and devise corrective actions.
  • Staff training, communication and awareness actions.
  • Support and follow up the assignment of a person responsible (in-house or third party hire) for periodically reviewing and assessing risks.
  1. Among the most significant offenses which may be committed by the company in the field of Criminal Law:
  • Bribery.
  • Influence peddling.
  • Environmental crimes.
  • Crimes against public health.
  • Forgery of methods of payment.
  • Fraud.
  • Money laundering.
  • Crimes against Tax and Social Security Authorities.
  1. New crimes which may be committed by a company:
  • Offenses related to obstruction of enforcement proceedings (submitting an incomplete or inaccurate list of assets when replying to a court enforcement order).
  • Offenses related to discrimination (denigration, humiliation, or any other violation of fundamental rights are not limited to individuals, they can also be committed by companies).

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