Corporate Law

The Firm has vast expertise in the matter, and we are able offer comprehensive advice in Corporate Law thanks to lawyers who are models in the sector. We are on the forefront in matters of Corporate Compliance in Spain.

  • Corporate Law
    • Company incorporation
    • Amendments to corporate by-laws and legal counsel to the governing bodies at Board Meetings and General Shareholders’ Meetings
    • Group restructuring processes by means of mergers, demergers, global assignment of assets and liabilities, spin-offs, contributions and liquidations; cross-border mergers and corporate migrations
  • Corporate Governance
    • Advice on corporate governance, adaptation to and compliance with the Spanish Securities & Exchange Commission (CNMV) standards and recommendations and to the reformed Corporations Act
    • Review and draw up the regulations of the General Shareholders’ Meeting, the Board of Directors or the Audit, Appointments and Remuneration Committees
    • Legal counsel on the duties to inform and communicate relevant events
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
    • Legal counsel for planning, preparing and executing transactions involving the purchase or sale of assets, shares or stock
    • Joint Venture Agreements and shareholders’ agreements
    • Legal and tax due diligence services for purchase and sale transactions
  • Tax Advice
    • Tax advice for corporate restructurings and purchase or sale transactions
    • Legal and tax advice before tax auditors and economic courts
    • Tax advice for Corporate Income Tax, Personal Income Tax, Inheritance Tax, VAT and Local Tax
  •  Contracts
    • Draw up and negotiate all sorts of civil and commercial contracts
    • Analyze and interpret contracts and transactions, and issue legal opinions
    • Comprehensive advice for Distribution, Franchise, License and Agency contracts
  • IT and Data protection
    • Assessments, risk analyses, legal audits
    • Compliance review of the Regulation of Security Measures
    • Whistle blowing policies, codes of conduct and IT Tools Policy
    • E-commerce, compliance policies, procurement, transfer and treatment of personal data and international data transfers (Binding Corporate Rules)
  • Partner disputes
    • Counsel for partner conflicts, litigation and claims
    • Petitions challenging the resolutions of the Board of Directors or the General Shareholders’ Meeting
    • Court-ordered liquidation and directors’ liability
  • Specialists in Compliance (click here for more information)

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