Naturally, #CecaStyle is our own style. It is a way of being, thinking and, ultimately, working. Each of the team members at the firm are ambassadors of #CecaStyle.

#CecaStyle is the last polishing touch to our professionals’ actions, the mirror into which they regard themselves.

#CecaStyle originated from our firm’s founder, Esteban Ceca Magán, and draws on the deeper sources which served as the hallmark of quality our firm is well known for. First in his class, Esteban Ceca Magán always had excellence as part of his essence and was able to pass the high standards he had for himself on to his work and to his team. In short, #CecaStyle was born from the passion a craftsman puts into the quality of his work and from our belief that we are what we do.

However, #CecaStyle also means dynamism. After 45 years in the business, #CecaStyle has gradually defined itself to become what it is now: a different way of practicing law centered on the client, which has been internalized by all our professionals and which is taught and expected of all team members.

In brief, #CecaStyle means striving for excellence as the only product which is delivered by the firm. #CecaStyle means walking in our client’s shoes. It means being practical, honest, nimble, transparent, innovative, generous, open, creative and proactive.

Always with our client in mind, always with #CecaStyle.

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