Susana Perales Margüelles

Manager of Litigation and Arbitration
Susana Perales


Susana Perales has a Law Degree from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, C.U. Cardinal Cisneros and holds a diploma in Family and Probate Law from the School of Legal Practice of Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Susana is specialized in court proceedings, at all levels, related to contentious actions raised by clients, declaratory actions, payment and collection procedures, as well as appeal procedures, appeals against acts of the public administration, appeals for cassation, appeals for reversal and complaint proceedings; out-of-court bargaining; preparation of contracts; preparation of legal reports and consultation; divorce proceedings (both friendly and disputed); settlement of marital assets; legal distribution of inheritances; contractual and non-contractual liability; directors’ liability; urban leases and commonhold property; foreclosures, precautionary measures and third-party proceedings; ex parte proceedings.
She has been a lecturer of Family and Probate Law in the Master’s Degree Program for Access to the Legal Profession of Universidad Carlos III of Madrid, collaborating with the Higher Institute of Law and Economy (ISDE).