Patricia Martínez Díez

Senior Lawyer of the Litigation and Arbitration Department
Patricia Martínez - Litigation and Arbitration


Patricia MArtínez is specialized in Procedural Law. She has participated in pre-litigation and litigation matters not only in Civil and Commercial Law, but also in Criminal Law. Patricia designs the legal strategies that shall be followed in several procedures as well as in Compliance programs, where she designs how to implement and develop each personalized program.

She holds a Law Degree of the Oviedo University and a Master’s Degree in Procedural and Commercial Law by ISDE University of Barcelona.

Along her professional experience, Patricia has worked in a couple of Law Firms among different cities of the national territory, such as VIALEGIS (Barcelona) o Botas Abogados (Oviedo).

She has worked as an adjunct professor in the Compliance Expert program at UNED and therefore she has written several legal articles.