Blanca Mercado Grande

Manager of Labor Law
Blanca Mercado


Blanca Mercado is a Graduate in Law from Universidad Complutense de Madrid with a Master’s degree in Private Law from ICAM.

Blanca is an expert in providing training on labor law to companies and individuals. She is also a regular lecturer in conferences at top business schools in Spain.

Blanca has written many articles and books on legal matters, such as the chapter entitled “The Public Administration’s Delay in Eliminating Structures that Create Risk Independently from the Causality of the Damaging Event”, of the YEARBOOK ON LITIGATION PRACTICES FOR LAWYERS 2013, published by La Ley, and “Compulsory Membership of Civil Guards to Organizations of Marked Public Naturethat are Subordinates, Specifically the Orphans Association of the Civil Guard. No Prejudicial Effects on the Constitutional Freedom of Association”, of the YEARBOOK ON LITIGATION PRACTICES FOR LAWYERS 2012, also published by La Ley.