Antonio Valmaña Cabanes

Director in the Litigation and Arbitration Department


Antonio Valmaña started his career working in Corporate Law, although he gradually turned to the litigation branch, especially in trials about companies, insolvency, banking law or industrial liability. His trajectory has been recognized by the Yearbook Contentious Practice for Lawyers (La Ley Publishers), which includes the most relevant cases processed by the great law firms, and in which Antonio has been appearing continuously since 2015.

Doctor in Law and with a degree in Journalism, Antonio completed his academic way with various postgraduate programs, including the Master in International Business Law from ESADE. He is currently associate professor at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and regularly writes papers for specialized magazines like Indret, Iuris, or Economist & Jurist.

He has also published the books Legal audit of annual accounts (Bosch, 2016), Legal regime of Family Agreement (Comares, 2014) and Actions against company and its director (Bosch, 2011). The Professional Association of Accounting and Tax Experts of Spain awarded him with the Antonio Lázaro Cané prize in 2015, for the paper Show me the money: the right of the partners to participate in the benefits.